Select Papyri, 2.365


Greek text:   PHib 98   L.6-21
Date:   252 B.C.

In the 34th year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy Soter, the priest of Alexander and the gods Adelphi being Neoptolemus son of Craesis, the kanephoros of Arsinoe Philadelphus being Arsinoe daughter of Nicolaus, the 24th of the month Mesore. Dionysius, boat-captain, acknowledges that he has embarked upon the transport of Xenodocus and Alexander, of which Ekteuris son of Pasis, of Memphis, is pilot, through Nechthembes the agent of the royal scribes, for conveyance to Alexandria to the royal granary, with a sample, 4800 artabas of barley, being pure, unadulterated, and sifted grain, by the measure and smoothing-rod which he himself brought from Alexandria, with just measurement ; and I make no complaint.

papyrus 366

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