Select Papyri, 1.140


Greek text:   PFlor 127
Date:   A.D. 256.

From Alypius. God permitting, expect us to pay you a visit on the 23rd. As soon therefore as you receive my letter be sure to have the bathroom heated, getting logs carried in and collecting chaff from everywhere, in order that we may bathe in warmth in this wintry weather. For we have chosen to stay at your place, as we intend both to inspect the remaining farms and to arrange the work of your district. See, however, that we are provided with every attention, and above all with a good pig for our party, but, again, let it be a good one, and not lean and unfit to eat like the last. Send word also to the fishermen to bring us some fish. I have sent you a letter for Horion telling him to send you 500 bundles of grass, and you will give him back the same amount; for my working animals are eating green fodder; and at all events have abundance of green grass brought in, in order that they too may hare sufficient food. So send for the grass to-day without fail. I pray for your health, most honoured Sir. To Heroninus, steward. Year 2, Tubi 22.

papyrus 141

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