Select Papyri, 1.141


Greek text:   PFlor 176
Date:   A.D. 256.

From Appianus. When one dispatches even the smallest load, he ought to send it with a letter stating what has been sent and by what carrier. And the goods which you dispatched were not so many as to require a man and a donkey to leave their work for them, only four baskets of rotten figs. And it was evident from the poorness and dryness and parched appearance of the figs that the estate has been neglected. But about this we shall have an account to settle between ourselves. Again, the agent at Euhemeria has sent another carrier with a few things, though both of you could send by the same man after notifying each other. To Heroninus, steward. (Addressed on back) To Heroninus, steward.

papyrus 142

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