Select Papyri, 1.139


Greek text:   POxy 1220
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

To my lord Theon from Hebdomus greeting. I have sent you in a statement the details of our daily expenditure for your information. If you please, my lord, send me money for the work of carrying earth which is going on here and for other works. With regard to the collection of the wine about which you wrote to me, I see no carelessness on my part; for as to the boat, I am having it repaired to transport the wine of Silenus. You will please send me the nails for the gutters and a jar of gum for the parts of the machines; this serves to prevent them being ruined by neglect. The hippopotami have done no destruction; for if they show any meddlesomeness, I attend to them. About the fields, if by God's grace you come, you will learn their condition. I pray, my lord, for your health and prosperity. The accounts will show the details as contained in the memorandum.

papyrus 140

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