Select Papyri, 1.124


Greek text:   POxy 1482
Date:   2nd cent. AD.

Morus to my lord Epimachus greeting. I write to let you know that we have winnowed the barley of the man from the Oasis on the 8th, and never have we winnowed barley with such trouble. For it rained and the wind was irresistible, and Panares knows what efforts it took to enable us finally to transport the remainder by the gods' leave. The whole yield was 88 artabas 4 choenices, of which I have reserved in advance 14 artabas 8 choenices. I inquired about the price of the annual grass: it was sold in the village at 7 drachmas the load, as Panares knows. After many inquiries I found some dry and not to be paid for in ready money but after four months. Will you consider how you are to convey it and, if you please, write to me about this and say also what proportion I am to reserve in advance from the produce of the large holding, and whether you wish me to mix what belongs to the man from the Oasis with the rest? I have stored my share in the room belonging to your father. I make supplication on behalf of you and all your children and all your brothers, each by name. I pray for your health, my lord.

papyrus 125

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