Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 81


Greek text:   Asylia_12
Provenance:     Asklepieion , Kos
Date:   c. 240 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

For other royal letters to Kos, see RC_25-28. The suggestion that this letter was written by a ruler of the Bosporan Kingdom is based on very limited evidence; but its "clumsy and rambling" style certainly sets it apart from other royal letters.   The translation is taken from K.J.Rigsby, "Asylia", p.122 ( Google Books ).

. . . in accordance with [their instructions,] they made proclamation [of the sacrifice and games, using] their education [so beautifully that] wonder overcame [us . . .] since the time when [(?) we acceded to] our kingdom . . . concerning these things . . . so many and such long-standing [benefactions towards you. As there are just now certain things] standing in the way of these things, if [for this the theoroi] seem to find fault [with us, we ask you nonetheless to judge] that we are accommodating ourselves to the times, [reckoning] that indulgence is owed to us, whenever . . . we should be unable to send theoroi to [the celebration] of these [games]. I and my sister . . . and our citizens accept both your [proclamation] that has been made for the god and the inviolability, and we also have accepted gladly the kinship as true and worthy of you and us, the best testimony being that of our father, which you have made clear he himself furnished. If any [of the other] Greeks, [making this] a start of friendship, should first proclaim us [kin], we would gladly approve them many times over, having full gratitude towards those who remember such kinship and blood ties and choose to preserve them. [And now] we approve your loyalty and in the future we shall try to maintain for your people the [benefaction] established in ancient times and now finely and suitably brought to the best [renewal] by you, loyal friends, and, heeding [your requests, always] to gratify you to [the best of our ability]. Farewell.

inscription 83

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