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  Xenocrates   of Chalcedon - Academic philosopher, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
324/10 Lycurgus rescues Xenocrates, who has been arrested for not paying tax
323/18 The philosopher Xenocrates refuses a gift of money from Alexander.
322/25 The Athenians send Xenocrates and Demetrius of Phalerum as envoys
321/10 Epicurus attends the lectures of Xenocrates.
320/37 Lais (or Phryne) fails to tempt Xenocrates.
313/9 Xenocrates converts Polemon from a dissolute life to the study of
313/10 Polemon and Crantor become friends while studying with Xenocrates
313/11 Xenocrates rescues a sparrow.
313/12 enians accept evidence from Xenocrates without requiring him to tak
313/13 Polyperchon criticizes Xenocrates for recommending a friend who is
313/14 Sayings of Xenocrates, illustrating his self-control.
313/15 Sayings of the Spartan Eudamidas about Xenocrates.
313/16 of Elaea, Zenon, and (possibly) Epicurus are pupils of Xenocrates
313/17 General comments on the character of Xenocrates.
313/18 The death of the philosopher Xenocrates, who is succeeded as head
    Within translations:
Athen_11.509 only a pupil of Plato, but of Xenocrates also. And he too
Athen_13.610 his the Academy; is this Xenocrates? & May the gods greatl
DiogLaert_7.2 pupil of Stilpon and of Xenocrates, for ten years, as Tim
DiogLaert_10.1 eighteenth year, while Xenocrates was president of the
DiogLaert_10.13 says that he was a pupil of Xenocrates also. {8} He use
Lucian:Macr_20 lived ninety-one years; Xenocrates, the disciple of Plato
Philoch_224 next leader, and they chose Xenocrates of Chalcedon.
Plut:Mor_181 fifty talents to Xenocrates the philosopher, who would
Plut:Mor_192 emonidas beholding Xenocrates, when he was old, in the Aca
Plut:Mor_842 x-collector lay hands on Xenocrates the philosopher, and
Plut:Phoc_4 ato, and afterwards with Xenocrates in the Academy; and
Plut:Phoc_27 ors, the principal of whom was Xenocrates the philosopher.
Plut:Phoc_29 rving one day that Xenocrates paid a tax as a stranger,

  Xenocrates   - in documents
SEG_25.447 (c. 273)   other damiorgoi, and Xenokrates and the other chreo
Syll_436 (254/3 or 250/49)   omachos, [Alexandros, Xenokrates] Delphians: Aristo
Syll_564 (203/2)   Lamios of Oikyleion, Xenokrates of Stratos, Leonto
Syll_583 (c.190)   in the temple. Xenokrates son of Hierombrotos pu
Syll_585 (197-175)   e Herys, Orthaios and Xenokrates: [150] Leonticho
Syll_631 (182)   s Agasidamos Gennaios Xenokrates of Medeon Strat
Syll_636 (178)   s, namely: Delphians: Xenokrates son of Praöc
Syll_661 (c. 165/4)   As proposed by Xenokrates of Eleusis, the son of X
Teles_40 hool of Theophrastus and Xenocrates, although many provisi
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   yochos, Orthagoras, Xenokrates - all from Delphi -

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