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  Vercingetorix   - the leader of the resistance to Caesar's conquest of Gaul
Wikipedia entry
52/11 Vercingetorix, a chieftain of the Arverni, instigates a major rebel
52/49 congress of Gauls appoints Vercingetorix to be their supreme comma
52/50 Vercingetorix attacks Caesar in the territory of the Allobroges,
52/55 Vercingetorix retreats to Alesia, where Caesar begins to besiege
52/59 As food becomes scarce, Vercingetorix forces women and children to
52/62 Vercingetorix surrenders himself to Caesar.
    Within translations:
Oros_6.11   10 On another day Vercingetorix brought together all who
Polyaen_8.23.9   largest city in Gaul, Vercingetorix, king of the Gauls,

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