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  Varus   (A. Aternius Varus Fontinalis) - Roman consul, 454 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
FastCap_p30 apitolinus , A. Aternius . . . Varus Fontinalis [453] &

  Varus 2   (M. Quinctilius Varus) - consular tribune, 403 B.C.
FastCap_p34 Julus M. Quinctilius L.f. L.n. Varus L. Valerius L.f. P.n.

  Varus 3   (C. Licinus Varus) - Roman consul, 236 B.C.
236/_ nsuls: P. Cornelius L.f. Lentulus Caudinus, C. Licinius P.f. Varus
    Within translations:
FastCap_p58 udinus , C. Licinius P.f. P.n. Varus censors: L. Cornelius

  Varus 4   (P. Quinctilius Varus) - Roman praetor, 203 B.C.
203/17 The praetor Quinctilius Varus defeats Mago, who later dies of his

  Varus 5   (P. Attius Varus) - Roman governor of Africa, killed in 45 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
49/19 P.Attius Varus arrives from Italy, and takes control of Africa, act
46/74 C.Didius defeats Varus, an officer of Pompeius, in a naval battle

  Varus 6   (Sex. Quinctilius Varus) - Roman quaestor, 49 B.C.
42/35 Labeo, Livius Drusus, Quintilius Varus and others commit suicide

  Varus 7   (P. Quinctilius Varus) - Roman consul, 13 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_01.20 emperor, and Quintilius Varus was in that country; and
NicDam_136 own family. After Varus, the governor of Syria, and the

  Varus 8   (P. Alfenus Varus) - Roman consul, 2 A.D.
FastCap_p84 .f. P.n. , P.Alfenus P.f. P.n. Varus & from 1st July: P.

  Varus 9   (Quintilius Varus of Cremona) - a friend of Horatius and Vergilius
  + Quintilius
Hieron:Chron_1994 1994] [not in Ar.] Quintilius of Cremona, the friend of

  Varus   - in documents
CIL_1.1299 Numerius Decumius Varus, son of Numerius, of the Col
CIL_1.1529 Lucius Betilienus Varus and his public gi
SelPap_1.49 Catillianus also called Varus, of all of which the ad
SelPap_2.401 consulship of Vibius and Varus ; 9 voluntary recruits

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