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  Ulpianus   (Cn. Domitius Annius Ulpianus) - Roman lawyer, early 3rd century A.D.
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  + Ulpian
Athen_2.58   ght round by the butler, Ulpianus said, "Does the word &pi
Athen_3.98   uch now, my friends, are Ulpianus’ companions, the sophist
Athen_4.174-176 *   armed by the melody; and Ulpianus looking towards the music
Athen_4.184   then, O my word-hunting Ulpianus, is what you may learn
Athen_5.209   that my excellent friend Ulpianus will attack us again,
Athen_5.221   ter silence was restored Ulpianus said,— You seem to me,
Athen_6.234   questions proposed by Ulpianus, Plutarchus, being one
Athen_6.235   perceive, my good friend Ulpianus, that you may raise anot
Athen_6.262   narrow-necked sabrias, Ulpianus said, And what is this
Athen_6.263   questions proposed by Ulpianus, there is this one about
Athen_6.270   ungry stomach. And Ulpianus, who was always fond of contra
Athen_8.347   [347] But whence could Ulpianus know what Stratonicus
Athen_9.401   hilosophical and precise Ulpianus, to inquire who ever sai
Athen_10.445   [64.] [445] When Ulpianus had heard all this he said,-
Athen_11.459   and before conversation had begun, Ulpian said : "At the table
Athen_13.571   wished to say, and as Ulpianus was preparing to attack
Athen_13.590   poison. [57.] And Ulpianus, as if he had got some unexpec
Athen_14.613-616 *   erary entertainment; for Ulpianus, who is always finding
Athen_14.640   rse, - We will not, said Ulpianus, hear you discuss these
Athen_14.648   had been said, the wise Ulpianus said, - Whence, my most
Athen_14.649   xcellent cross-examiner, Ulpianus, you have authorities
Athen_14.658   7.] & Now, while Ulpianus was continuing the conversatio
Athen_14.662   ose about this, and when Ulpianus had quoted a statement
Athen_15.666   effect on the stomach. And Ulpianus addressed him thus - 
Athen_15.668   [8.]   After this, Ulpianus demanded a larger goblet to
Athen_15.669   which I will quote, that Ulpianus may not give himself airs
Athen_15.671   Democritus had said this, Ulpianus, looking towards Cynulcus, said
Athen_15.676   Tell me, my good friend Ulpianus, the different names of garlands.
Athen_15.679   doubt;- Let us now, said Ulpianus, go on to another kind
Athen_15.686   [which should be eternal], Ulpianus died, happily, without suffering
Athen_15.697   presence of this glutton Ulpianus For he prefers lascivious
Athen_15.701   Cynulcus, who was always attacking Ulpianus, said;- But now, my fine
Festus:Brev_22   Persians. He had Ulpian, the jurisconsult, as Master of
Oros_7.18   their king. 8 He employed Ulpian as his legal adviser and

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