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  Tubero   (P. Aelius Tubero) - Roman praetor, c. 217 B.C.
217/47 er sits on the head of P.Aelius Tubero, and is interpreted as a bad

  Tubero 2   (Q. Aelius Tubero) - son-in-law of Aemilius Paullus
168/50 Paullus rewards Q.Tubero with some silver from the Macedonian spoil
    Within translations:
Plut:Mor_198   only to his son-in-law Tubero he gave a silver bowl that
ValMax_4.4.9   Perseus, gave to Aelius Tubero, his son-in-law, five pounds

  Tubero 3   (Q. Aelius Tubero) - suffect consul, 118 B.C.
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129/13 Q.Tubero as tribune rules against Scipio in a procedural dispute
128/8 Q.Aelius Tubero fails to be elected as praetor.
122/17 Q.Aelius Tubero opposes the reforms of Gracchus.
110/13 Q.Aelius Tubero is renowned as an expert on the law, and strictly
    Within translations:
Athen_6.274   nian law; Quintus Aelius Tubero and Rutilius Rufus being
Cic:Acad_2.135   word, as Panaetius enjoins upon Tubero. And the Old Academy indeed
Cic:Brut_117   take some notice of Q. Aelius Tubero, the grandson of L.
Cic:Brut_118   ius;- but none at all in Tubero." [119] & "True," said
Cic:DeOr_2.341   Laelius wrote one for Quintus Tubero, when he wished to praise
Cic:DeOr_3.87   importance; we have seen Quintus Tubero, ** a man of eminent
Cic:Rep_1.14   itself, his nephew, Quintus Tubero, arrived in advance of
Cic:Rep_1.15   as of other matters. But, Tubero, to give you my frank
Cic:Rep_1.17   was given a place beside Tubero.
Cic:Rep_1.29   of learning.For these reasons, Tubero, I have always delighted
Cic:Rep_2.64   that he would continue. Finally Tubero said : Since my elders
Cic:Tusc_4.4   which is addressed to Quintus Tubero, has all the marks of
ValMax_7.5.1   [5.1]   Q. Aelius Tubero, when he was asked to

  Tubero 4   (Q. Aelius Tubero) - Roman consul, 11 B.C.
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ExcBarb_50B Serinianus Maximus and Tubero Africanus and Maximus Arun

  Tubero 5   (L. Aelius Tubero) - Roman praetor, (?) 54 B.C.
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