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  Tripolis   - a city in Phoenicia
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  + Tripoli
162/10 Demetrius arrives at Tripolis and proclaims himself king.
63/9 blishing Roman control over Tripolis and the territory of the Itura
    Within translations:
2Macc_14   iled into the harbour of Tripolis with a strong army and
Euseb]:Chron_253   nicia, and came to the city of Tripolis. Demetrius killed
Joseph:AJ_12.389   away from Rome, and took Tripoli, a city of Syria, and set
Joseph:AJ_13.279   therein, he went away to Tripoli, and committed the prosec
Joseph:AJ_14.39   ess so than Dionysius of Tripoli, who had been beheaded,
Joseph:BJ_1.422   built gymnasia at Tripolis, and Damascus, and Ptolemais;
Plin:HN_5.78   Gigarta, Trieris, Calamos; Tripolis, inhabited by people
Plin:HN_6.213   Tyre, Berytus, Botrys, Tripolis, Byblus, Antioch, Laodicea,
POxy_1380   at Raphia mistress ; at Tripolis supporter; at Gaza abund
PsCallisth_1.35   lled in one town and called it Tripolis. Greek & Arme
PSI_495   and asked . . . to Tripolis to gather the band of soldiers

  Tripolis 2   (Tripolitania) - a Roman province in Africa
Wikipedia entry
Festus:Brev.4 ular, Byzacium consular, Tripolis and the two Mauritanias
PsCallisth_1.34 ypt after sending the ships to Tripolis to await him. The

  Tripolis 3   - a federation of Azorus, Pythion and Doliche in Thessaly
SEG_60.586 (221)   galokles and the state of Tripolis, greetings. To m

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