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  Triarius   (C. Valerius Triarius) - a Roman general, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
77/24 Triarius fights against Lepidus in Sardinia.
73/43 by Milesian and Smyrnaean sailors in honour of C.Valerius Triarius
72/24 A Roman force led by Triarius captures Apameia, Prusa, Prusias-Cier
70/12 Triarius arrives unexpectedly off the coast of Pontus, and defeats
70/13 Cotta and Triarius capture Heracleia, after it is abandoned by Conn
69/4 hief, devastates Delos, but Triarius restores the island's faciliti
68/23 Triarius defeats Mithridates at Comana.
67/12 defeat on the Roman army in Pontus, commanded by Triarius, at Zela
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_265   tyle of his contemporary Triarius, which expressed to perf
Cic:Brut_266   mention of Torquatus and Triarius, for each of whom he had
Exsuper_40   inia with the propraetor Triarius, who defended his provin
Memn_28   force of Italians and Triarius the Roman general advanc
Memn_29   waiting to be summoned, Triarius hastened to join Cotta,
Memn_33   ortly before this, Triarius set off from Nicomedeia with
Memn_34   the walls, and sent to Triarius, asking him to come quic
Plin:HN_6.10   famous for the defeat of Triarius and the victory of Gaius

  Triarius 2   (P. Valerius Triarius) - prosecutor of Scaurus, 54 B.C.
54/19 Scaurus is summoned to trial by Triarius, on a charge of extortion

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