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  Trebonius   - a Roman soldier, late 2nd century B.C.
104/14 Trebonius is accused of the murder of C.Lusius, but is acquitted
    Within translations:
Plut:Mor_202 ffered unchaste force to Trebonius, a soldier, who slew

  Trebonius 2   (A. Trebonius) - a Roman, deprived of his inheritance by Verres
74/29 intervenes to disinherit A.Trebonius, Q.Opimius, and M.Octavius,

  Trebonius 3   (C. Trebonius) - suffect consul, 45 B.C.
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55/5 put in prison after opposing the measures of the tribune Trebonius
47/16 Trebonius arrives as the new governor of Spain.
46/90 Fam_15.18 & 15.20-21, letters from Cicero to Cassius and Trebonius
45/50 avels out to Narbo, where C.Trebonius suggests forming a plot again
45/55 Q.Fabius and C.Trebonius are appointed to be consuls for the rest
44/73 12.16, letters from Cicero to Atticus and from Trebonius to Cicero
43/7 Dolabella kills Trebonius at Smyrna.
43/15 & Cic:EpFr_4'16, letters from Cicero to Trebonius and Octavianus
    Within translations:
Cic:Fam_12.12   his abominable murder of Trebonius, has overrun the Asian
Cic:Phil_2.27   ty? Did I persuade Caius Trebonius? a man whom I should
Cic:Phil_2.30   naeus Domitius, of Caius Trebonius and the rest to be what
FastCap_p78   - elected in his place , C. Trebonius C.f. . . [44] &
Oros_6.15   Leaving Trebonius there with three legions to
Oros_6.18   At Smyrna, Dolabella killed Trebonius, one of Caesar's assassins.

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CIL_1.33 CIL_1 .33 Marcus Trebonius. Pedestal of

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