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  Thucydides   of Athens - son of Olorus; historian, late 5th century B.C.
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Apollod:Fr_7 where they record that Thucydides [? Hellanicus] died,
Athen_5.215 sed entirely of picked men, as Thucydides relates [ 5.2
Athen_5.216 cavalry? And yet does Thucydides make no mention of thi
Athen_13.589 Treatise on Themistocles, and Thucydides, and Pericles.
Cic:Brut_27 in) and his contemporary Thucydides; who flourished,- not
Cic:Brut_29 red from the writings of Thucydides, who lived at the same
Cic:Brut_43 oriolanus. [43] & Thucydides, indeed, who was himself an
Cic:Brut_47 ecies; and (according to Thucydides, a very respectable
Cic:Brut_66 tus the Syracusan, and even of Thucydides himself. For as
Cic:Brut_287 emporaries? & 'True; but Thucydides is our leading pattern
Cic:Brut_288 anguage of the grave and manly Thucydides. For even he,
Cic:Brut_294 Cato with Philistus and Thucydides, did you really imagin
Demetr:Eloc_39 as in this passage of Thucydides: `Now it was from Aeth
Demetr:Eloc_40 This is clearly seen in Thucydides, whose dignity of styl
Demetr:Eloc_45 the following passage of Thucydides: `For the river Achelo
Demetr:Eloc_48 here and there. Thucydides almost invariably avoids smo
Demetr:Eloc_49 in place of `charging.' Thucydides uses all expressions
Demetr:Eloc_65 follow the example of Thucydides, when he writes: 'And
Demetr:Eloc_72 tone. The words of Thucydides 'that it may not be attached
Demetr:Eloc_113 Herodotus has done. [113] & Thucydides acts otherwise.
Demetr:Eloc_181 of Demosthenes. Thucydides, on the other hand, shuns
DionHal:Din_8 ose who say they emulate Thucydides, in their faulty grasp
FGrH_252.B Peloponnesian war began; and Thucydides [was in his prim
Philoch_32 hnic [adjective] is Aethaeus - Thucydides in book 1 [ 1.10
Philoch_34 of the war is told by Thucydides [ 1.112'5 ] and by Era
Philoch_48 from a local hero. Thucydides mentions Paralus and Salamin
Philoch_71 soldiers, as is clear in Thucydides [ 5.57'2 ] and the sev
Philoch_120 . [the historian Thucydides] was not particularly famous
Philoch_123 11 years. Again Thucydides, who narrates the war accord
Philoch_133 associates, according to Thucydides [ 6.27-28 ]; others
Philoch_136 ies of Attica. But Thucydides [8.67'1 ] mentions only the
Phylarch_73 He had not heard that Thucydides said "κ&alp
Plinius:Ep_5.8 different. For, as Thucydides remarks, it makes all the
Plut:Mor_207 me the seventh book of Thucydides ; wherefore Caesar bei
Plut:Mor_832 upposes him to have been Thucydides' pupil, from what Anti
Plut:Mor_844 pupil. He imitated Thucydides and Plato, and some affirm

  Thucydides 2   of Athens - son of Melesias; Athenian politician, 5th century B.C.
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Philoch_120 ave suffered the same as Thucydides did when he was on tri

  Thucydides 3   of Athens - son of Stephanus
Athen_6.234 ing Stephanus the son of Thucydides; and in it mention is
Philoch_120 Ammonius, say that this Thucydides was the son of Stephan

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