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  Thoth   - an Egyptian god
Wikipedia entry
THI_259 (217)   e been proclaimed by Thoth the Great-great, Lord of
THI_261 (185/4)   ing fittingly, as did Thoth the great one, being in
THI_258 (c. 264)   lowing the instructions of Thoth. &[4] He is excel

  Thoth 2   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
OGIS_177 (97/6)   m the beginning of Thoth in the 19th year, and for
PCairZen_59106 Year 29, Hyperberetaios 20, Thoth 21. Addressed} & To
PCairZen_59107 Year 29, Hyperberetaios 23, Thoth 24. Addressed} & To
PCairZen_59317 my job. Docketed} & Year 36, Thoth 30. Horos, regarding
PCairZen_59362 the spot. Farewell. Year 5, Thoth 14. P.S.} & If any
PSI_341 eted} & Year 30, Gorpieios 28, Thoth 28. & From Apollophan
SelPap_1.14 Sarmaticus Germanicus Maximus, Thoth 25. {Signed} I, H
SelPap_1.188 Thoth 4th, 24th year, 4 mina
SelPap_1.41 (05)   sia for three years from Thoth of the current 26th
SelPap_1.42 Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Thoth 25. {Signed} I, S
SelPap_1.45 the month Sebastus or Thoth, at Ptolemais Euergeti
SelPap_1.47 rom the 1st of the month Thoth of the (D.V.) 2nd indic
SelPap_1.63 and eminent Caesar, Augusti, Thoth 4. {Signed} I, Au
SelPap_1.64 our said most pious master, Thoth [.], 15th indict
SelPap_1.73 Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Thoth 13. I, Arius so
SelPap_1.75 Aurelius Verus Augustus, Thoth 18, through the bank of
SelPap_2.227 Nicomedia by the 4th of Thoth, to collect within 30 d
SelPap_2.242 Alexander Pius Felix Augustus. Thoth 1. The strategus
SelPap_2.275 (2nd cent)   pressed on the 16th of Thoth of the 35th year as la
SelPap_2.284 illiterate. {Dated} Year 5, Thoth 13. {Subscribed}
SelPap_2.315 ortis, from Epeiph 25 to Thoth 29 of the 26th year of
SelPap_2.368 janus Optimus Caesar the lord, Thoth 6. Valerius Ru
SelPap_2.400 summary for the month Thoth of the present 4th yea
SelPap_2.406 mae 3 obols ; 17th year, Thoth, 72 drachmae 18 obols ;
AET_4.12 (41)   the year 12 on the 30th of Thoth {1 October 41 B.

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