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  Thera   - an island in the Aegean Sea, the modern Santorini
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  + Therans
261/6a OGIS_44 & 45, decrees of Thera and Itanus in honour of Patroclus.
198/11 thquake results in the emergence of an island (? Hiera) near Thera
163/25 from Ptolemy VI to Apollonius, an officer on the island of Thera.
152/2a Inscr_49, a decree honouring a gymnasiarch of Thera.
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_135   whereon the settlers of Thera lodged {Cyrene}, nor that
Hieron:Chron_1818   r.] A new island appeared near Thera, and it was given the
Just_13.7   nus, king of the isle of Thera, having gone to the oracle
Just_30.4   ened between the islands Thera and Therasia, in the midst
OGIS_59   (163)   ldiers stationed in Thera; and as they requested,
OGIS_102   (c. 155)   s appointed to govern Thera, this altar was dedicat
Oros_7.6   of the deep sea between Thera and Therasia.
Syll_562   (c. 207/6)   os Arsinoē Tenos Thera Iulis The Samian colon
THI_48   (c. 260)   said that [they {the Therans} were originally] cap

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