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  Tarracina   - a town of the Volsci in Latium, Italy
314/22 The Romans defeat the Samnites at (?) Tarracina.
44/51 Octavianus travels across Italy to Tarracina in Latium.
    Within translations:
Cic:DeOr_2.240   a quarrel with him at Tarracina about a courtesan; it was
CIL_1.890   L_1 .890 (iii) Near Tarracina. 93 B.C. Inspecte
Ennius:Ann_165   hich is now spoken of as Tarracina, belonging to the Volsc
Obseq_12   wool sprouted from trees. At Tarracina in the temple of Minerva,
Obseq_14   was killed by lightning. At Terracina triplet boys were born. At
Obseq_24   on a tranquil day. At Terracina the praetor M. Claudius was
Obseq_28   one strike of lightning. At Terracina on a tranquil day the
ValMax_8.1.13   from a noble family in Tarracina, were brought to trial for

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