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  Tarentum   - a Greek colony on the south coast of Italy
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  + Taras , Tarentine , Tarentines
323/51 gathocles goes to Croton and Tarentum, but is forced to leave both
303/11 ves with an army to support Tarentum, and takes two hundred maidens
302/28 A treaty between Rome and Tarentum.
282/5 mments on the career of Rhinthon of Tarentum, a writer of comedies
282/36 Tarentum prepares for war against Rome.
282/37 The Tarentines attack a Roman fleet.
281/16 Pyrrhus regains control of Corcyra, with help from Tarentum.
281/22 The Tarentines attack Thurii.
281/23 The Tarentines reject and insult a Roman embassy.
281/37 The Roman senate declares war on Tarentum.
281/38 Aemilius leaves Samnium and moves against Tarentum.
281/39 The Tarentines call on Pyrrhus to protect them against the Romans;
280/6 Pyrrhus sends Cineas ahead to Tarentum.
280/16 e triumph of Aemilius, over Tarentum and the Samnites and Sallentin
278/33 tes a triumph over the Lucanians, Bruttii, Tarentines and Samnites
275/18 Pyrrhus punishes some of the Tarentines for treachery.
274/22 A group of Tarentines unsuccessfully attacks Milon, the general of
273/3 Pyrrhus recalls his son and other officers from Tarentum.
272/13 thaginian fleet sails up to Tarentum, but leaves without taking any
272/14 Papirius seizes part of Bruttium, and captures Tarentum.
272/31 triumphs, over the ? Samnites, Lucanians, Bruttii, and Tarentines
267/9 about the presence of Carthaginian ships at the siege of Tarentum
214/26 Hannibal advances to Tarentum.
213/22 Hannibal captures Tarentum, though the citadel is still held by a
211/24 nian fleet joins in the blockade of the Roman garrison at Tarentum
210/10 ded by D.Quinctius, is defeated by the Tarentines near Sapriportis
209/10 Fabius captures Tarentum.
208/2 The triumph of Fabius, for his recovery of Tarentum.
205/22 T.^Flamininus as praetor is appointed governor of Tarentum.
130/23 Accius reads one of his tragedies to Pacuvius at Tarentum.
123/14 foundation of Roman colonies, especially at Scylacium and Tarentum
89/52 CIL_1.590, a new constitution granted to Tarentum.
51/13 icero to Atticus, written during Cicero's journey down to Tarentum
37/8 onius and Octavianus meet at Tarentum, and agree the terms for the
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_12 present need. The light Tarentine shawl being sheer and
Aelian:NA_6.1 ontinently like Iccus of Tarentum, whom Plato the son of
Aelian:NA_8.22 ere was a woman in Tarentum, admirable in other ways and
Aelian:NA_13.27 contrivers of evil from Tarentum and Etruria to say to
AnthPal_7.372 & { Ph 3 } & Earth of Tarentum, keep gently this body
AnthPal_7.700 me here. Paula of Tarentum is not the only woman who has
Aristeas_12 laid before Sosibius of Tarentum and Andreas, the chief
Athen_6.251 says that Heracleides of Tarentum was a flatterer of the
Athen_11.463 one, as is said in the Tarentines of Alexis- & No one
Athen_12.519 says that "Archytas of Tarentum, who was both a statesma
Athen_12.522 says that the people of Tarentum, after they had acquired
Athen_12.536 ries. And when the Tarentines sent an embassy about an all
Athen_12.538 And Heracleitus of Tarentum played on the harp, accompanyi
Athen_12.545 unger to the city of the Tarentines, among whom was Polyar
Athen_13.587 mentions Nannion, in his Tarentines, thus- & But Nannium
Athen_14.622 white ; and they wear a Tarentine robe, which covers them
Cic:Brut_72 was taken prisoner at Tarentum by Quintus Maximus in
CIL_11.1828 the fifth time, he captured Tarentum and celebrat
CIL_1.1696 itinius. On a tablet. Found at Tarentum. 3rd or 2nd c
CIL_1.590 CIL_1 .590 & Charter of Tarentum (89-62 B.C.) : see R
Ennius:Ann_178 yrrhus was at first welcome in Tarentum, 281 B.C. : FESTUS
Ennius:Ann_180 sudden raid near Tarentum by Lucius Aemilius Barbula ?
Euseb]:Chron_201 [520 B.C.] - Anochas of Tarentum, stadion race A race in
Euseb]:Chron_205 B.C.] - Dionysodorus of Tarentum, stadion race 101st [376
Euseb]:Chron_281 hended all of Italy from Tarentum to the coast of Poseidon
FastTr__S ian tribe, near the Alps Tarentines Inhabitants of Tarentu
FastTr_p98 proconsul, & over the Tarentines, Samnites and Sallenti
FastTr_p99 consul (II), & over the Tarentines, [Lucani, Samnites]
FGrH_255.2 [352 B.C.] Smicrinas [of Tarentum] won the stadion race,
Hieron:Chron_1742 1737 in Ar.] Milon handed over Tarentum to the Romans. 126
Hieron:Chron_1777 oet Quintus Ennius was born at Tarentum. Cato as quaestor
Hieron:Chron_1863 Later he moved to Tarentum, and died at the age of nearly
Hieron:Chron_1878 positions to Pacuvius at Tarentum, when Pacuvius was alrea
Joseph:AJ_12.18 ng's guards, Sosibius of Tarentum, and Andreas, and persua
Julian:Mis_355 a time the citizens of Tarentum paid to the Romans the
Just_3.4 izing the citadel of the Tarentines, and expelling the old
Just_12.2 nvited into Italy by the Tarentines, who desired his assis
Just_17.2 oing to assist the Tarentines, therefore, against the Roma
Just_17.3 ought capable of defending the Tarentines against the Roma
Just_18.1 second embassy from the Tarentines, to which were added
Just_25.3 committed the citadel of Tarentum to the guardianship of
LeonTar_7.715 lie, far from my country Tarentum, and this is bitterer
Memn_18 their war against the Tarentines and their ally Pyrrhus
Plut:Cleom_6 portunity, commanded the Tarentines and Cretans to fall
Plut:Mor_195 & Hannibal kept Tarentum with a garrison, all but the
Polyaen_3.7.1 But a squadron of Tarentine cavalry was dispatched to pur
Polyaen_5.3.3 a scarlet robe in the Tarentine fashion thrown loosely
Polyaen_5.8.2 from Lacedaemon, came to Tarentum and landed there with
Polyaen_5.17.2 Heracleides, the Tarentine architect, promised to Philip
Polyaen_6.6.1 hus he held together the Tarentines, the Sicilians, and
Polyaen_8.14.3 aster of the city of the Tarentines, then in alliance with
Syll_392 os, the Epirotes and the Tarentines dedicate these sp
Syll_492 (c. 263)   of Polyoros Leon of Taras, the son of Pantaleon P
Syll_585 (197-175)   Dexikrates: Lykos of Tarentum, the son of Phileas
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   arode:   Lykon of Taras, the son of Lykon &nbs

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