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  Syria   - a country to the east of the Mediterranean Sea
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318/4 Ptolemy gains control of Syria after expelling the satrap Laomedon
314/24 son Demetrius in charge in Syria, and marches to Celaenae in Phrygi
306/11 foundation of the city of Antigoneia, Antigonus' capital in Syria.
301/8 Antigonus uses papyrus from Syria to manufacture ropes for his fleet.
300/16 the other two cities of the Syrian tetrapolis, Apameia and Laodiceia
273/2 send reinforcements, including 20 elephants, to Antiochus in Syria.
273/5 The poet Aratus goes to stay with Antiochus in Syria.
261/22 from Apollonius to Apollodotus, about imports of grain from Syria.
260/1 ll_53, regulations of Ptolemy II concerning Syria and Phoenicia.
258/2 Zenon returns from Syria to Egypt.
246/40 Ptolemy leaves Egypt for Syria; his wife Berenice dedicates a lock
246/41 Ptolemy invades Syria.
245/13 FGrH_160, an account of Ptolemy's invasion of Syria.
241/15 a pact with Antiochus Hierax to drive the Egyptians out of Syria.
240/44 Roman embassy offers to help Ptolemy against Syria.
238/5 Stratonice leaves Demetrius and joins her nephew Seleucus in Syria.
220/9 plots against Theodotus of Aetolia, the Egyptian general in Syria.
204/19a ead of the public library in Syria, and after he dies is buried eithe
204/20 ead of the public library in Syria, and after he dies is buried eithe
195/6 Syria and Egypt agree peace terms; the end of the Fifth Syrian War.
190/15 The Rhodians defeat a Syrian fleet led by Hannibal and Apollonius at
190/19 mans and Rhodians defeat the Syrian fleet under Polyxenidas at Myonne
178/4b Demetrius replaces Antiochus as a Syrian hostage at Rome. ^
175/12 tablishes himself as king of Syria, with his (?) son Antiochus as co-
175/13 ing Eumenes for his help in establishing Antiochus as king of Syria.
167/36 The Syrians set up the "abomination of the desolation" in the temple
166/17 assess the situation in Syria, and is entertained by Antiochus.
165/5 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Apollonius.
165/8 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Seron.
165/11 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Gorgias at Emmaus.
165/14 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Lysias at Bethsur.
163/5 Roman embassy, led by Cn.Octavius, is sent to Syria.
163/22 night attack by Judas on the Syrian camp near Modin.
161/8 enters Judaea with a large Syrian force and is defeated by Judas
160/2 Razis commits suicide to avoid capture by the Syrians.
160/7 Roman recognition as king of Syria, with the support of Ti.Gracchus.
157/10 Peace between Jonathan and the Syrians.
152/1 The senate supports Alexander Balas' claim to Syria.
149/42 monius murders Laodice and other members of the Syrian royal family.
147/14 Demetrius II invades Syria.
145/19 eus' army returns to Egypt, and Demetrius II gains control of Syria.
143/9 Jonathan foils a Syrian night attack near Hamath.
142/4 Demetrius, and the Jews are in effect freed from direct Syrian rule.
139/10 Scipio visits Syria.
138/8 eopatra, his brother's wife, and becomes the official king of Syria.
138/26 General comments on Tryphon's revolt, and its effect Syrian kingdom.
129/6 Phraates captures the Syrian army, along with Seleucus the son of Ant
129/26 Scythian invasion prevents Phraates from invading Syria.
129/28 Hyrcanus invades the neighbouring parts of Syria.
128/5 The Syrians defect from Demetrius in his absence.
128/6 VII sets up Alexander Zabinas as a pretender to the throne of Syria.
123/8 Hyrcanus' kingdom prospers while Zabinas is ruling Syria.
115/4b statue of Cn.Papirius Carbo dedicated by Antiochus VIII of Syria.
96/2 Nabataean Arabs, extends his power by attacks on Syrian territory.
88/47a Antiochus Eusebes is either killed or expelled from Syria.
83/18 Tigranes invades and conquers Syria.
83/19 bes is either killed or expelled: the end of Seleucid rule in Syria.
75/41 he is recognised as king of Syria, and also lays claim to the throne
73/33 Two Syrian princes are robbed by Verres on their way back from Rome.
69/9 170,000 people are killed in an earthquake in Syria.
68/2 Tigranes loses control of Syria.
66/4 sets himself up as a rival king of Syria in opposition to Antiochus.
64/25 ochus Asiaticus as king of Syria: the end of Seleucid rule in Syria.
64/34 ius receives envoys from the Syrians, Egyptians and Aristobulus of
63/51 Pompeius leaves Scaurus to be governor of Syria.
61/5 The senate appoints Marcius Philippus to be governor of Syria.
59/2 entulus Marcellinus succeeds Marcius Philippus as governor of Syria.
58/13 uls the provinces of Macedonia and Cilicia (later changed to Syria).
58/71 entulus Marcellinus, as governor of Syria, fights against the Arabs.
57/13 abinius, the new governor of Syria, to undertake a military expeditio
56/29 uses to grant a supplication for the victories of Gabinius in Syria.
55/6 nia assigns the provinces of Spain and Syria to the current consuls.
55/19 Cicero and some of the Syrians demand that Gabinius should be prosecu
54/4 ridates and Orsanes, escape from Syria, or are released by Gabinius.
54/25 the arrival of Crassus in Syria, Gabinius sails back to Rome, acco
54/26 Crassus invades Mesopotamia, but then withdraws back to Syria.
53/30 Crassus, takes control of Syria after reaching there with the remn
52/51 C.Cassius repels a small invasion of Syria by the Parthians.
51/40 Parthian army, led by Pacorus, invades Syria.
51/56 out the Parthian invasion of Syria, are read out at a meeting of the
51/58 some delay, Bibulus arrives to be the new Roman governor of Syria.
50/19 walls of Antioch, until the Parthians have completely left Syria.
50/38 Caesar each to send a legion to defend Syria against the Parthians.
50/39 a supplication for the success of his son-in-law Bibulus in Syria.
49/32 aesar releases Aristobulus, a Jewish prince, and sends him to Syria.
48/16 maltreats the inhabitants of Syria and Asia, as he prepares to join
47/28 Caesar settles affairs in Syria and surrounding regions.
46/86 rnificius to take command in Syria, against the rebel forces of Bassu
44/123 the governor of Bithynia, intervenes in Syria and besieges Bassus.
44/50 provinces are redistributed: Syria is assigned to Dolabella, Macedoni
44/80 offer of an appointment to serve on the staff of Dolabella in Syria.
43/25 wins over all the legions in Syria, together with four legions from
41/12 Antonius settles Syria and the eastern provinces.
40/5 nus and the Parthians invade Syria and defeat the army of Saxa, the
39/9 Ventidius recovers Syria, and puts Silo in charge of the Roman army
36/4 years of her reign from when she gained control of Chalcis in Syria.
34/7 Cleopatra visits Herodes on her way back from Syria to Egypt.

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