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  Spartacus 4   - leader of a slave revolt in Italy, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
73/8 ape from a training school at Capua; the start of Spartacus' revolt.
73/8 Spartacus leads a band of 74 gladiators who escape from a training
73/12 Spartacus brings his followers down from Vesuvius and defeats the pra
73/13 Spartacus holds funeral games for a woman killed in the fighting.
73/22 Spartacus defeats two more Roman commanders, Furius and Cossinius.
73/23 Spartacus slips away safely when another praetor, P.Varinius, confron
73/24 Spartacus decisively defeats Varinius.
73/27 Spartacus gathers a large army of about 70,000 slaves.
72/1 sends both consuls to face Spartacus, who is heading towards the
72/18 Spartacus defeats the other consul, Lentulus.
72/21 Spartacus defeats C.Cassius, the governor of Cisalpine Gaul, near Mut
72/30 Spartacus defeats the combined forces of the consuls in Picenum.
72/31 Spartacus decides not to march on Rome.
72/34 M.Cato for his bravery while serving in the war against Spartacus.
72/35 Spartacus captures Thurii and provides new weapons for his army.
72/36 command of the war against Spartacus is transferred to M.Crassus,
72/48 his army, after his subordinate Mummius is defeated by Spartacus.
72/51 Crassus defeats Spartacus and forces him to retreat.
72/52 Spartacus attempts to cross to Sicily, but is surrounded by Crassus
71/6 Spartacus breaks out at night though Crassus' siegeworks.
71/8 German slaves separated from Spartacus' main army, near a Lucanian
71/9 Spartacus withdraws towards Brundisium.
71/15 Crassus defeats and kills Spartacus by the river Silarus.
71/16 General comments on the virtuous character of Spartacus.
71/17 neral comments on the ignominious war against Spartacus' slave army.
71/22 The survivors of Spartacus' army are rounded up and crucified.
71/31 Crassus celebrates an ovation, for his victory over Spartacus.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.272   Servile Wars. And Spartacus the gladiator, having escaped
Diod_38.21   & The barbarian Spartacus showed himself to be grateful
Oros_5.22   Sertorius, Perperna, Crixus, and Spartacus, by styling them civil
Oros_5.24   hundred. Before advancing against Spartacus in person, who was
Plin:HN_33.49   plate, when we know that Spartacus issued an order to his
Plin:HN_33.50   be proscribed! but proscribed by Spartacus!
Sall:Hist_3.64   and offer battle, while Spartacus [argued against attacki
Sall:Hist_3.66   of slaves. Since Spartacus could not stop these [outrage

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