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  Sparta   - a city in Laconia, southern Peloponnese, Greece
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  + Lacedaemon , Lacedaemonian , Lacedaemonians , Spartan , Spartans
317/15 des the Peloponnese, and the Spartans build walls round their city
314/5 rotatus becomes unpopular at Sparta because of his opposition to
314/6 Acragas summon Acrotatus the Spartan to be their general against Agat
313/15 Sayings of the Spartan Eudamidas about Xenocrates.
308/9 Areus succeeds Cleomenes II as king of Sparta.
305/27 Sayings of Eudamidas I, king of Sparta.
303/11 Cleonymus of Sparta arrives with an army to support Tarentum, and tak
299/4 Areus, king of Sparta, sends an embassy with a letter to the Jewish
294/9 allegedly swears to his father Cleonymus that he will ruin Sparta.
294/10 Demetrius defeats the Spartan king Archidamus near Mantineia, and att
293/16 to revolt by Cleonymus of Sparta, but is recaptured by Demetrius.
281/20a Areus, king of Sparta, leads a raid against the Aetolians, but is def
272/2 Cleonymus asks Pyrrhus to intervene against Sparta.
272/4 Negotiations between Pyrrhus and Sparta.
272/11 Pyrrhus attacks Sparta, but is repulsed.
272/12 King Areus crosses over from Crete, and raises the siege of Sparta.
272/17 The Spartans attack Pyrrhus while he is withdrawing to Argos and kill
268/8 decree of Chremonides about the alliance between Athens and Sparta.
265/21 The Spartan king Areus is defeated and killed by Antigonus at the Ist
255/11 crotatus attends luxurious banquets, contrary to Spartan traditions.
255/12 Acrotatus king of Sparta is killed while attacking Megalopolis; Leoni
255/21 Xanthippus leaves Carthage and returns home to Sparta.
251/7b Syll_430, a decree of Delphi in honour of Areus II, king of Sparta.
251/7c Leonidas II becomes king of Sparta.
251/10 The Spartans attack Megalopolis, but their siege machines are destroy
251/15 army of Arcadians and Achaeans defeats the Spartans at Mantineia.
243/1 Agis IV becomes king of Sparta.
243/15 The Spartan assembly discusses Agis' proposed reforms.
242/10 King Leonidas II of Sparta is deposed by Agis.
241/1 Agis overthrows the Spartan ephorate.
241/2 Cancellation of debts at Sparta.
241/33 Leonidas is recalled to Sparta.
241/34 forces Cleombrotus, his replacement as king, to flee from Sparta.
240/30a Ptolemy appoints Hippomedon of Sparta to be governor of Thrace.
239/8 The Spartans punish an ambassador for addressing Antigonus as king.
234/7 of Leonidas II, and accession of Cleomenes III as king of Sparta.
229/7 Cleomenes of Sparta seizes Belbina, on the border with Megalopolis.
228/4 The Achaean League declares war on Sparta.
228/12 The Spartan ephors recall Cleomenes from Arcadia.
227/14 Cleomenes reforms the Spartan constitution, and attempts to reimpose
222/15 defeats Cleomenes at Sellasia, and forces him to escape from Sparta.
222/16 Antigonus enters Sparta.
220/35 The murder of Adeimantus, a pro-Macedonian Spartan ephor.
220/43 The ephors are murdered during unrest at Sparta.
219/10 Lycurgus is appointed king of Sparta.
219/11 The Spartans declare war on the Achaean League.
218/7 attempted coup by Cheilon at Sparta.
218/50 Lycurgus leaves Sparta for Aetolia, out of fear of the ephors.
217/13 Lycurgus returns to Sparta and invades Messenia.
216/17 Lycurgus expels Agesipolis from Sparta.
210/14 The Spartans become allies of the Aetolians, after listening to speec
207/14 Syll_551, a dedication by Machanidas at Sparta.
207/15 The Achaeans defeat and kill Machanidas of Sparta at Mantineia.
204/21 The tyrannical behaviour of Nabis at Sparta.
199/3 The death of Pelops, king of Sparta.
197/25a Syll_584, a decree of Delos in honour of Nabis of Lacedaemon.
195/12 Argos is freed from Spartan control.
192/11 The cruelty of Nabis at Sparta forces many of his opponents into exil
191/23 mans' advice and restore the Spartan exiles, but Philopoemen refuses
188/2 ries to stop war breaking out between the Achaean League and Sparta.
188/3 Philopoemen captures Sparta.
187/18 pidus writes a letter criticizing the Achaeans' treatment of Sparta.
185/13 Eumenes, the Achaeans and Sparta, and exiles from Aenus and Marone
184/8 dius forces the Achaean assembly to accept a settlement with Sparta.
183/23 Pharnaces, and Philippus, and from Rhodes, Sparta and the Achaeans.
182/14 Sparta rejoins the Achaean League.
182/20 and Philippus, and from the Spartans and Achaeans, appear before the
181/2 ously to the decisions of the Roman senate about Messene and Sparta.
180/7 Chaeron of Sparta is sent to prison for the murder of Apollonidas.
180/9 from the Achaeans, led by Callicrates, and from the Spartan exiles.
180/17 League decides to send an embassy to Rome about the Spartan exiles.
178/1 inscription put up by the Spartan exiles in honour of Callicrates.
174/4 King Areus (?) of Sparta sends a letter to the Jewish high priest Oni
168/56 tians set free Menalcidas of Lacedaemon, at the request of Popillius.
163/11 rate in disputes between the Lacedaemonians and Argives, and between
160/8a dispute between Cytinium and Sparta, about voting in the Amphictyonic
149/2 Spartan embassy appeals to the senate about a disputed territory,
149/20 League seeks to impose its authority in Sparta by threatening war.
149/39 Achaean League to oppose the Spartan envoys in Rome, but dies on the
148/13 The Spartans secede from the Achaean League.
148/19 Achaean army, led by Damocritus, attacks Sparta.
148/28 Achaeans fine Damocritus for his failure in the war against Sparta.
147/5 Menalcidas, the Spartan leader, is defeated by the Achaeans and commi
146/5 the assembly of the Achaean League towards war with Sparta and Rome.
143/4 onathan sends an embassy to renew the treaties with Rome and Sparta.
142/10 Simon renews the alliance with Sparta and Rome.
138/19 ing arbitration by Miletus in a dispute between Messenia and Sparta.
138/32 ion by Milesian arbitrators in a dispute between Messene and Sparta.
104/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Nicodemus of Lacedaemon
64/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Andreas of Lacedaemon
59/37 C.Murena and C.Varro import Spartan paintings to display in Rome.

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