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  Sosius   (C. Sosius) - Roman consul, 32 B.C.
37/6 Herodes and Sosius start to besiege Jerusalem.
37/9 Herodes and Sosius capture Jerusalem.
34/11 The triumph of C.Sosius, from Judaea.
32/_ Consuls: Cn. Domitius L.f. Ahenobarbus, C. Sosius C.f.
32/2 Sosius speaks out against Octavianus in the senate.
31/15 Sosius makes a sudden attack by sea, but is defeated by Agrippa.
    Within translations:
FastTr_p110   pr. k.Jul. (30th June) 34 & C. Sosius C.f. T.n., proconsul
Joseph:AJ_14.176   besieged by Herodes and Sosius, he persuaded the people
Joseph:AJ_14.447   committed the rest to Sosius, and gave him orders to
Joseph:AJ_14.468   wedding was over, came Sosius through Phoenicia, having
Joseph:AJ_14.469   generals were two: Sosius, sent by Antonius to assist Hero
Joseph:AJ_14.476   hosen men, the next were Sosius's centurions; for the firs
Joseph:AJ_14.481   fell down at the feet of Sosius, who took no pity of him,
Joseph:AJ_14.484-488 *   ty, and many times asked Sosius whether the Romans would
Joseph:AJ_15.1   [1] How Sossius and Herod took Jerusalem by
Joseph:AJ_20.246   years and three months, Sosius and Herodes besieged him,
Joseph:BJ_1.19   government, and brought Sosius upon them; [20] as also
Joseph:BJ_1.327   when Antonius had set Sosius over the affairs of Syria,
Joseph:BJ_1.345   a greater army. Sosius also joined him with a large arm
Joseph:BJ_1.346   he was made king; and Sosius relied upon Antonius, who
Joseph:BJ_1.351-357 *   into the city, as did Sosius's centurions after them;
Nepos:Att_22   of Cnaeus Domitius and Caius Sosius [ 32 B.C. ], he died

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