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  Sophocles   - writer of tragedies, late 5th century B.C.
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Aelian:NA_2.10 sent ignoble mate. Sophocles also appears to mention this
Aelian:NA_6.51 me it is celebrated by Sophocles,* the tragic poet,
Aelian:NA_7.39 the contrary, none for Sophocles who says ' And down fro
Aelian:NA_11.18 her disgrace. And Sophocles, you remember, in his drama
AnthPal_6.145 REON & { F 16 } & Sophocles, who won the highest glory
AnthPal_7.21 SIMIAS & { H 4 } & On Sophocles O Sophocles, son of Sop
AnthPal_7.22 Gently over the tomb of Sophocles, gently creep, O ivy,
AnthPal_7.36 RYCIAS & { Ph 11 } & On Sophocles Ever, O divine Sophocle
AnthPal_9.98 Dionysus, proved you, Sophocles, to be the chief of the
Athen_4.175 instrument. But Sophocles, is his Thamyris, speaks of
Athen_7.280 2.] And before Epicurus, Sophocles, the tragic poet, in
Athen_9.401 ς? At all events, Sophocles, in his Lovers of Achil
Athen_10.420 for such a man's house [ Sophocles, OedTyr_4 ] & Is redole
Athen_11.466 ously made. And in Sophocles, in the Larissaeans, Acrisius
Athen_12.547 before Epicurus, Sophocles the poet was a great instigat
Athen_13.557 ws,- "When some one told Sophocles that Euripides was a
Athen_13.564 kes her abode. And Sophocles somewhere represents Hippodam
Athen_13.579 long have wished for." [ Sophocles, Electra_2 ] & On one
Athen_13.582 hoon once, the friend of Sophocles, & While a young man,
Athen_13.583 me, you may present to Sophocles." & Callisto once, who
Athen_13.587 ion hereafter. But Sophocles, in his play called The Sheph
Athen_13.592 Archippe cohabited with Sophocles, though he was very old
Athen_13.598 ve. "How, too, the Attic bee [Sophocles] left Colone of
Athen_* 13.601-604 * a very great poet, and Sophocles, too, introduced the
Athen_* 14.635-638 * tuneful harps. And Sophocles, in his Mysians, says
Athen_14.646 sesame, and itria. And Sophocles, in his Contention, say
Athen_14.652 is at all superior to Sophocles, but in dried figs, I
Athen_14.657 ppa;α}'. And Sophocles, in his play called Insolence
DiogLaert_7.19 to him an apophthegm of Sophocles, and asked him whether
DiogLaert_10.137 isoned tunic cries out [ Sophocles, Trach_787 ]: & Shoutin
DioscEpigr_7.37 rms. [7.37] & { G-P 22 } & On Sophocles. A statue of a
DioscEpigr_7.707 as one of my brothers guards Sophocles on the Acropolis.
Just_3.6 of tried courage, and Sophocles, the writer of tragedie
Lucian:Macr_24 ninety years. [24] Sophocles the tragedian swallowed a gra
Plinius:Ep_2.14 rather wittily dubbed Sophocleses - from their readines
Plut:Agis_1 The shepherds in Sophocles say of their flocks, These
Plut:Demetr_45 one of his tragedies of Sophocles, gives this picture of
Plut:Mor_204 side those two verses of Sophocles : "Whoever comes
Plut:Mor_838 pening once to see Sophocles the tragedian amorously follo
Plut:Mor_841 the memory of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides; and tha
Plut:Phoc_1 virtue is not so weak as Sophocles would make it, nor is
Porph:Fr_40 und the same time, Sophocles and Euripides were in their
Simonid_7.20 & { P 51 } & On Sophocles Thy light is out, aged Sophoc

  Sophocles 2   - Athenian general in Sicily, late 5th century B.C.
Philoch_127 succeeded [in Sicily] by Sophocles and Pythodorus, who wer

  Sophocles 3   - son of Amphicleides; Athenian politician, early 3rd century B.C.
286/8 Sophocles son of Amphicleides attempts to pass a law banishing all
    Within translations:
Athen_11.508 argument in defence of Sophocles, against Philon) lent
Athen_13.610 certain man, named Sophocles, passed a decree to banish

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