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  Soli   - a city in Cilicia, later called Pompeiopolis
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279/20 Apollonius the father of Chrysippus moves from Tarsus to Soli.
276/6 Aratus of Soli is a pupil of Zenon, or possibly of Dionysius of Herac
276/9 invites the poets Aratus of Soli and Alexander of Aetolia to Macedon
274/5 The death of Crantor of Soli.
240/28 and writings of the poet Aratus of Soli, who resided with Antigonus.
204/12b RC_30, part of a letter of Ptolemy concerning Soli in Cilicia.
187/2 OGIS_230, a dedication at Soli by Ptolemy, son of Thraseas.
67/33 ning pirates at Pompeiopolis (Soli), Mallus, Adana, and Dyme in Achae
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_1 STOBAEUS & Chrysippus of Soli lived on very little, but
Aelian:NA_1.6 a goose. And at Soli in Cilicia a dog loved a boy of
Athen_15.688 in the highest perfection at Soli in Cilicia, and at Rho
Callim:Epigr_29 of his verses has the poet of Soli copied. Hail subtle
DiogLaert_7.179 and a native of either Soli or Tarsus, as Alexander tell
Plut:Demetr_20 to raise the siege of Soli in Cilicia, desired he would
Porph:Fr_46 captured Aphrodisias, Soli, Zephyrium, Mallus, Anemuriu
RC_30 (late 3rd cent.)   n inscription found at Soloi in Cilicia. } . . .
Syll_418 (272-270)   convicted Zenon of Soloi with a fine of 10,000 s
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   llodoros ; Nikon of Soloi, the son of Menekles ;
Syll_673 (150-135)   Ares.   Epicharmos of Soloi made it. → in
Vit:Arat_1 came from Tarsus, and not from Soli. But Callimachus, a
Vit:Arat_2 of the poet Aratus lived at Soli in Cilicia. His father

  Soli 2   - a city in Cyprus
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  + Solian , Solians
Arrian:Fr_9 rangeni ; to Stasanor of Soli, Bactria, and Sogdiana ; to
Arrian:Fr_10 vassals Pasicrates of Soli and Nicocles of Paphos, and
Athen_6.234 pollo.' But Clearchus of Soli, and he was one of the disci
Athen_6.255 And Clearchus of Soli, in the first book of his Amatory
Athen_12.542 an ode of Castorion of Soli, addressed to him, in which
Athen_12.548 Anaxarchus, Clearchus of Soli writes, in the fifth book
Athen_12.553 And Clearchus of Soli, in his treatise on Love Matters,
Athen_13.555 But Clearchus of Soli, in his treatise On Proverbs, says
Athen_13.576 rried to Eunostus, the king of Soli, a town of Cyprus. And
Athen_13.611 ccording to Clearchus of Soli, you do not adopt a manly
Athen_14.648 each of us, Clearchus of Soli, in his treatise on Riddles,
DiogLaert_7.38 of Alexandria; Athenodorus of Soli; and Zenon, a Sidonian
Plut:Demetr_27 And Demochares the Solian called Demetrius "Mythus", that
Vit:Arat_1 nother city called Soli in Cyprus; but the inhabitants of

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