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  Socrates   of Athens - Greek philosopher, late 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Socratic
Aelian:Fr_3 DF} & & STOBAEUS & When Socrates was about to drink the
Aelian:Fr_4 & STOBAEUS & The noble Socrates blamed those fathers,
Aelian:NA_5.34 provision for its departure. Socrates also testifies [Pl
Aelian:NA_6.43 Ischomachus,* no Socrates, with their interest in the
AntipThes_7.629 ? He who looks at you, Socrates, must blame the unwisdom
Apollod:Fr_34 ontini. [34] & DiogLaert_2'44 (Socrates) & Socrates. [35]
Athen_* 05.215-218 * faultless general out of Socrates." For Platon says [ Apol
Athen_6.270 speak dithyrambic poems, as Socrates says, but even epi
Athen_12.544 emorabilia [ 2.1 ], that Socrates often reproved him, and
Athen_13.555 those who attributed to Socrates two wives, Xanthippe and
Athen_13.556 though they very often mention Socrates. And Hieronymus
Athen_13.566 ase of Aegina. And Socrates the philosopher, who despised
Athen_13.569 sia, the friend of Socrates, imported great numbers of bea
Athen_13.588 this sort was made by Socrates also, respecting Theodot
Athen_13.589 associated with the wise Socrates; and that, too, though
Athen_13.599 pris, in her wrath, heat Socrates, whom Apollo had declare
Athen_13.611 Aeschines, the pupil of Socrates, would have been such
Athen_13.612 with the philosophy of Socrates, a man who utterly rejec
Athen_14.628 arms; on which account Socrates in his Poems says that
Athen_14.643 own, not treating you as Socrates was treated in the matte
Cic:Brut_31 opposed by the famous Socrates, who, by an adroit metho
Cic:Brut_292 continued irony, which Socrates employs to so much advan
Cic:Brut_299 be what Africanus and Socrates have been before you."
Demetr:Eloc_152 istophanes says of Socrates that he first melted some wax,
Demetr:Eloc_288 feasting at Aegina when Socrates was lying for many days
DiogLaert_7.26 ever, attribute this saying to Socrates. {23} He was a per
DiogLaert_7.31 many of the books of the Socratic philosophers, to Zenon,
DiogLaert_7.32 quot;By Capers," as Socrates swore "By the Dog.&
DiogLaert_7.53 instance, we form an idea of Socrates from his likeness.
DiogLaert_7.58 iar quality, such as Diogenes, Socrates. A verb is a part
DiogLaert_7.61 her species, as, for instance, Socrates. {43} The division
DiogLaert_7.63 as for instance, "Socrates writes." Accordingl
DiogLaert_7.91 eality of virtue is that Socrates, and Diogenes, and Antis
DiogLaert_7.165 atue either of Alexander or of Socrates. And that besides
DiogLaert_7.178 three on Lycurgus and Socrates; one on Law; one on Divi
DiogLaert_10.12 to Archelaus, the master of Socrates. And, Diocles adds
FGrH_252.B ears. 10 From when Socrates the philosopher, Heracleitus
Julian:Caes_314 ou? Do you not know that Socrates also, who was so like
Julian:Mis_353 in Comedy - I mean Plato and Socrates, Aristotle and The
Plinius:Ep_3.12 and brimming over only with Socratic talk. Nay, even
Plut:Mor_832 had a controversy with Socrates the philosopher about
Plut:Mor_* 835-840 * flourished at the same time as Socrates the philosopher.
Plut:Mor_843 ue. He being dead, Socrates married Callisto, of whom he
Plut:Mor_845 also, the pupil of Socrates, had some knowledge of Demosth
Plut:Mor_848 haeroneia; as also some of the Socratic philosophers. [He
Plut:Phoc_38 reeks in mind of those against Socrates. The treatment of
PsCallisth_2.5 a good general. Socrates you put to death, Socrates,

  Socrates 2   - the father of Phya, 6th century B.C
Athen_13.609 the daughter of a man named Socrates. And he took for

  Socrates 3   - a Greek mercenary commander, late 5th century B.C.
Polyaen_7.18.1 Thessaly, Agis of Arcadia, and Socrates of Achaea. They

  Socrates 4   - son of Anaco; cousin of Isocrates
Plut:Mor_838 adoptive son Aphareus, Socrates the son of Anaco, Theodo

  Socrates 5   - according to some, the father of the orator Deinarchus
Plut:Mor_850 ARCHUS, the son of Socrates or Sostratus, - born, as some

  Socrates 6   Chrestus - the son of Nicomedes III of Bithynia
Wikipedia entry
  + Chrestus
94/9 medes III sends his concubine Hagne and her son Socrates to Cyzicus.
93/11 Socrates goes to stay with Cornelius on Euboea, after failing to gain
91/15 invades Bithynia, expels Nicomedes IV, and sets up Socrates as king.
90/20 Mithridates orders the murder of Socrates, the brother of Nicomedes.
    Within translations:
GranLic_29 [29] His brother Socrates was not tempted by jealously
GranLic_30 thridates, who even called him Chrestus ("the good"), as
Just_38.5 in war. Was not Chrestus, king of Bithynia, on whom the
Memn_22 dates set up [Socrates] called Chrestus as a rival to Nico

  Socrates 7   - a wrestler, 2nd century A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_217 of Sardis, stadion race Socrates entered both the wrestli

  Socrates 8   of Rhodes - a historian, (?) 1st century B.C.
Athen_4.147 hands. [29.] And Socrates the Rhodian, in the third book

  Socrates 9   of Cnidus - a benefactor of the temple at Delphi, 3rd century B.C.
272/29a a decree of the Amphictyons in honour of Socrates and Alexeinides.
270/18a G_418.B-C, decrees of Delphi in honour of Socrates and Alexeinides.

  Socrates   - in documents
Isyll_A Epidaurus, the son of Socrates, dedicated this to Apoll
OGIS_130 (c. 143/2)   sios Dionysios son of Sokrates Eumenes son of Diony
OGIS_773 (c. 286)   gathos; the presidents Sokrates, Aischron, Stesitim
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   n of Aischron Sokrates son of Sodamos Stratonikos s
SEG_39.1284 (213)   Herakleides son of Sokrates: since [it is fitting]
SEG_44.949 (230-205)   f Trygētēr, when Sokrates was prytanis :
SelPap_1.85 eritance to go to Sarapion and Socrates and Longus. Li
SelPap_2.309 To Socrates and Didymus also ca
SelPap_2.325 guardian, Cyrilla with Socrates son of Theon son of
Syll_522 (c. 222/1)   In the year of Sokrates son of Timonos as theoros
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   ptrai thesmothetes: Sokrates of Thorai Kallitele
Syll_619 (after 188)   of Pausanias Sokrates son of Nymphion Antipatros
Syll_660 (c. 161/0)   hi: since Thrason and Sokrates of Aigeira, the son
THI_127 (c. 210)   city (?) theoros : Sokrates son of Mnasikles hierom
THI_98 (250-200)   phyros Praxianax son of Sokrates ,   on behalf

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