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  Sicily   - an island in the Mediterranean Sea
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311/10 lcar son of Gisco arrives as the new Carthaginian general in Sicily.
311/34 Many Sicilian cities changes sides to support Hamilcar and the Cartha
310/26 nians recall their army from Sicily, but Agathocles captures Hadrumet
307/5 chagathus in charge of the army in Africa, and sails back to Sicily.
307/13 Deinocrates rallies resistance in Sicily against Agathocles.
307/25 Agathocles secretly returns to Sicily, abandoning his army.
297/12 ack Agathocles by night at Ethae, and force him to return to Sicily.
278/11 The Sicilians send an embassy to Pyrrhus, asking him to help them aga
278/19 with the Carthaginians and try to stop Pyrrhus crossing to Sicily.
278/28 Pyrrhus leaves Italy and crosses over to Sicily.
278/30 Embassies from many Sicilian cities come to Pyrrhus offering their
278/31 Pyrrhus is proclaimed king of Sicily.
277/2 Pyrrhus attacks the territory of the Carthaginians in Sicily.
277/13 rest of the Carthaginian possessions in Sicily go over to Pyrrhus.
276/4 and his despotic behaviour makes him unpopular with the Sicilians.
276/20 Pyrrhus leaves Sicily and returns to Italy; he is attacked and defeat
265/20 Two sayings of Areus, about virtuous women and Sicilian tyrants.
264/9 C.Claudius is defeated while attempting to cross over to Sicily.
264/11 Ap.Claudius crosses over to Sicily.
263/8 The new consuls arrive in Sicily: 67 cities revolt from the Carthagin
262/13 Hanno arrives in Sicily and captures Harbesus.
261/11 The Carthaginians send Hamilcar to replace Hanno in Sicily.
256/2 The triumph of A.Atilius, over Sicily and the Carthaginians.
256/20 The Carthaginians recall Hamilcar from Sicily to Africa.
255/22 The Carthaginians send Hasdrubal to command their army in Sicily.
251/4 The triumph of Cotta, over the Carthaginians and Sicilians.
251/13 sayer to sacrifice his daughter to ensure a safe crossing to Sicily.
251/14 Neither side is able to achieve a breakthrough in Sicily.
250/20 brates a triumph, in which he displays elephants captured in Sicily.
249/9 The Romans send Junius out to Sicily with more ships and supplies.
249/19 appoint a dictator, A.Atilius, to take charge of the war in Sicily.
248/2 Carthalo sails from Sicily to raid Southern Italy.
248/4 The Roman army remains in Sicily.
244/4 The earliest campaigns of Hamilcar in Sicily.
242/2 llus, the pontifex maximus, prevents Postumius from going to Sicily.
241/4 with a Carthaginian fleet, carrying supplies to the army in Sicily.
241/20 General remarks about the achievements of Hamilcar in Sicily.
241/28 of Q.Valerius Falto, propraetor, for his naval victory near Sicily.
216/26 Carthaginian fleet raids the coast of Sicily.
215/6 of Hieron II, dies while organizing opposition to Rome in Sicily.
215/17 financial administration of Sicily, known to the Romans as the leges
214/31 M.Cato serves as tribunus militum in Sicily.
211/3 admiral Bomilcar declines battle against the Roman fleet off Sicily.
211/21 General remarks on Marcellus' successful campaign in Sicily.
211/22 the river Himera; the completion of the Roman reconquest of Sicily.
211/25 Marcellus celebrates an ovation for his victories in Sicily.
210/4 The Sicilians and Capuans complain to the senate about their treatmen
210/5 609, two dedications of booty brought back by Marcellus from Sicily.
205/2 Scipio leaves for Sicily.
205/6 Scipio prepares an army of invasion in Sicily.
204/2 Cato as quaestor is assigned to Scipio in Sicily.
204/5 tes the conduct of Scipio in Sicily, and the crimes of Pleminius
183/8 Omens, including the appearance of a new island near Sicily.
146/24 back spoils from Carthage to Sicily, without taking anything for hims
134/6 Fulvius is given the command in the war in Sicily.
131/1 Rupilius restores order in Sicily, and draws up the regulations known
121/13 P.Lentulus is sent on an embassy to Sicily.
104/3 The Sicilian slaves rebel against the praetor Licinius Nerva, but are
101/17 omments on the slave wars in Sicily, which caused enormous loss of
99/3 ovatio of M'.Aquillius, for his victory over the slaves in Sicily.
97/3 L.Domitius takes harsh measures to restore order in Sicily.
96/10 The upright conduct of Asellio as governor of Sicily.
91/7 Drusus establishes several new Roman colonies in Italy and Sicily.
88/51 Marius is almost captured on the coast of Sicily.
87/13 Norbanus, the governor of Sicily, saves Rhegium from an attack by the
82/34 habitants of Spain, Gaul and Sicily, including Ariston of Massilia
82/43 erna organises resistance in Sicily, but leaves when he hears that
81/5 establishes law and order in Sicily; he is persuaded by Sthenius not
80/34 M.Lepidus gains a bad reputation as governor of Sicily.
78/27 C.Marcellus, as governor of Sicily, earns him widespread respect in
76/29 first year as governor of Sicily, there is a plentiful supply
76/30 local census is conducted in Sicily.
75/20 Cicero sends corn from Sicily to Rome.
75/31 Cicero serves as quaestor in Sicily.
75/32 Sex.Peducaeus is a just and popular governor of Sicily.
74/4 Cicero returns from Sicily and discovers that few have heard about
73/9 erres arrives as governor of Sicily, and immediately makes clear his
73/15 Pirates attack the coast of Sicily, and defeat Cleomenes of Syracuse,
73/34 dorus of Melita escapes from Sicily after Verres attempts to seize
72/44 The quaestor Q.Caecilius sends corn supplies from Sicily to Rome.
72/52 artacus attempts to cross to Sicily, but is surrounded by Crassus on
71/40 Verres subverts the activities of the local censors in Sicily.
71/42 ca, the traditional law governing the taxation of produce in Sicily.
71/44 Systematic extortion by Verres diminishes corn production in Sicily.
71/45 possessions of many innocent Sicilians, including Epicrates, Heius,
71/47 Other activities and misdeeds of Verres, as governor of Sicily.
71/48 amount of booty, after the Sicilians ask for him to be replaced imm
70/1 overturns many of Verres' decisions, soon after arriving in Sicily.
70/2 The Sicilians appeal to Cicero to take on the accusation of Verres
70/5 Cicero goes to Sicily to collect evidence against Verres.
70/16 other pirates, and forces them to retreat from the coast of Sicily.
58/27 C.Vergilius warns Cicero not to cross to Sicily.
49/40 Q.Valerius take control of Sicily and Sardinia, on behalf of Caesar
48/42 C.Cassius attacks Caesar's warships around Sicily.
45/76 c:Fam_13.30-39, letters from Cicero to Acilius, proconsul in Sicily.
44/4 Julii, Heracleia Pontica, Ilium, Novum Comum, Sinope and in Sicily.
42/22 Sextus Pompeius seizes control of the whole of Sicily.
40/7 Tiberius Nero and his wife Livia escape from Campania to Sicily.
40/10 Tiberius Nero goes from Sicily to Greece, and joins Antonius.
36/6 Octavianus and Lepidus launch a combined attack on Sicily.
36/22 urs, perhaps including tribunician power, on his return from Sicily.
36/23 Octavianus celebrates an ovation, for his victory in Sicily.

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