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  Shechem   - a city of the Samaritans in Palestine
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  + Shechemites
89/28 Demetrius Akairos defeats Alexander near Shechem.
    Within translations:
4Macc_2 the entire tribe of the Shechemites, saying [Genesis, 49'
Joseph:AJ_12.258 rom the Sidonians, who live at Shechem. [259] Our forefath
Joseph:AJ_12.262 nians, who live at Shechem, have sent me the memorial encl
Joseph:AJ_13.255 aces; and besides these, Shechem and Gerizzim, and the nat
Joseph:AJ_13.377 his camp near the city Shechem; upon which Alexander,
Joseph:BJ_01.63 neighbourhood, as also Shechem, and Argarizin; and besid
Joseph:BJ_01.92 those their auxiliaries about Shechem. [93] Yet did Alexa

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