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  Scythopolis   - a city by the river Jordan, in Palestine
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  + Beth-shan
1Macc_5 into the large plain before Beth-shan. 53 And Judas kep
1Macc_12 arched forth and came to Beth-shan. 41 Jonathan went out
2Macc_12 there, they hastened to Scythopolis, which is seventy-fiv
Eupolemus_5 amaria, and Galilee, and Scythopolis, and the Jews who liv
Joseph:AJ_12.183 when the inhabitants of Scythopolis attempted to affront
Joseph:AJ_12.348 which is called by the Greeks Scythopolis. [349] And goin
Joseph:AJ_13.188 by the Greeks is called Scythopolis, at which place Jonat
Joseph:AJ_13.277 was pursued as far as Scythopolis by the two brethren,
Joseph:AJ_13.280 that he openly betrayed Scythopolis, and other places nea
Joseph:AJ_13.355 mutual assistance with him at Scythopolis, a city of Coel
Joseph:AJ_13.396 Carmel, and Mount Tabor, Scythopolis, and Gadara; of the
Joseph:AJ_14.49 he passed by Pella and Scythopolis, he came to Corea,
Joseph:AJ_14.75 the cities, Hippus, and Scythopolis, and Pella, and Dios,
Joseph:AJ_14.88 rebuilt Samaria, Azotus, Scythopolis, Anthedon, Raphia,
Joseph:BJ_01.65 was pursued as far as Scythopolis by these brethren,
Joseph:BJ_01.66 with an army as far as Scythopolis, and made an incursio
Joseph:BJ_01.134 had passed by Pella and Scythopolis, and was come to Core
Joseph:BJ_01.156 that time; Hippos, and Scythopolis, as also Pella, and
Joseph:BJ_01.166 cities were restored: Scythopolis, and Samaria, and Ant
MegTaan_3 ereof the people of Bethshean (Scythopolis) and the valley

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