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  Scordisci   - a tribe living north of Illyricum
  + Scordiscan , Scordistae , Scordisti
141/6 The Scordisci defeat the Romans.
135/5 The praetor M.Cosconius defeats the Scordisci.
119/5 The Scordisci defeat and kill Sex.Pompeius, but they are held in chec
114/6 The consul Cato is defeated by the Scordisci.
114/12 The Scordisci defeat and kill Lucullus, the commander of the garrison
112/8 Drusus defeats the Scordisci.
110/3 The triumph of M.Drusus, over the Scordisci.
109/11 M.Minucius defeats the Scordisci.
109/19 inscription commemorating Minucius' victory over the Scordisci.
106/9 The triumph of Minucius, over the Scordisci and Thracians.
100/5 T.Didius defeats the Scordisci and forces them to retreat.
85/19 L.Scipio attacks and destroys the Scordisci.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.234   auls which is called the Scordistae, does not introduce
CIL_1.692   ercame the Galli and the Scordisti and the Bessi and
Diod_34.30a   [30a] & The (?) Scordisci took a large amount of booty
Diod_34.30b   men. [30b] & The Scordisci later, by blocking (?) the
FastTr__S   tricum, a city in Latium Scordisci A Celtic tribe, to the
FastTr_p107   Drusus, [proconsul, & over the Scordisci] and Macedonians,
Festus:Brev_9   of all races. The Scordisci, equally cruel and cunning,
Just_32.3   had induced the Scordiscan Gauls to join him, and would
Obseq_16   this, fell down. The Dalmatian Scordisci were overcome.
Oros_5.23   of these hordes were the Scordisci. 19 These tribes then, as

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