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  Saufeius   (M. Saufeius) - a henchman of Milo, 1st century B.C.
52/30 M.Saufeius, a henchman of Milo, is brought to trial twice, but acquit

  Saufeius 2   (L. Saufeius) - a Roman knight, 1st century B.C.
Nepos:Att_12 the property of Lucius Saufeius, a Roman knight, who was

  Saufeius 3   - tribune of the plebs, 91 B.C.
91/6a Saufeius passes another land law, and Drusus is made one of the fiv

  Saufeius 4   (C. Saufeius) - a supporter of Saturninus, killed in 100 B.C.
Oros_5.17   next forced Saturninus, Saufeius, and Labienus to flee for refuge
Oros_5.17   the Capitol. Many around Saufeius and Saturninus were slain.

  Saufeius   - in documents
CIL_1.1469 Praeneste. Gaius Saufeius Pontanus, son of Gaius,
CIL_1.1471 Public works of Marcus Saufeius and Gaius Saufeiu
CIL_1.2439 sed. CIL_1 .2439 C. Saufeius and C. Orcev

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