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  Samnium   - a region in central Italy
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  + Samnite , Samnites
324/18 Q.Fabius, the magister equitum, attacks and defeats the Samnites.
324/30 Papirius inflicts another defeat on the Samnites.
323/3 The triumph of Papirius, over the Samnites.
323/11 The Romans agree a year's truce with the Samnites.
323/55 mans send armies against the Samnites and Apulians, but no battle is
322/12 ator A.Cornelius (or one of the Roman consuls) defeats the Samnites.
322/30 ans refuse to discuss peace terms with an embassy from the Samnites.
321/3 the dictator A.Cornelius) celebrates a triumph over the Samnites.
321/4 Q.Fabius celebrates a triumph over the Samnites and Apulians.
321/12 Roman army is trapped by the Samnites at the Caudine Forks; it is for
320/4 nsible for the treaty to the Samnites, but the Samnites refuse to acc
320/4 the treaty to the Samnites, but the Samnites refuse to accept them.
320/17 The Samnites capture Fregellae.
320/19 Publilius defeats the Samnites.
320/20 tures Luceria and forces the Samnite defenders to pass under a yoke.
319/16 The triumph of Papirius Cursor, over the Samnites.
318/15 two years' truce between the Romans and the Samnites.
316/31 The dictator L.Aemilius defeats the Samnites near Saticula.
316/33 Nuceria abandons its alliance with Rome and joins the Samnites.
315/17 The Samnites capture Plistica, and the Romans capture Saticula.
315/21 oman colonists are massacred at Sora, which defects to the Samnites.
315/23 The Samnites defeat the Romans at Lautulae.
315/24 The dictator Q.Fabius defeats the Samnites near Sora.
315/25 Fabius punishes the soldiers who were defeated by the Samnites.
315/28 The land round Ardea in Latium is laid waste by the Samnites.
314/22 The Romans defeat the Samnites at (?) Tarracina.
314/23 The triumph of Sulpicius, over the Samnites.
312/11 elebrates a triumph over the Samnites, and dedicates the spoils to
311/23 The Samnites attempt to trap Junius in an ambush.
311/24 The consuls defeat the Samnites at (?) Talium.
311/28 Brutus celebrates a triumph over the Samnites.
310/23 drawn battle between Marcius' army and the Samnites.
309/10 Cursor defeats the Samnites.
309/15 The triumph of Cursor, over the Samnites.
308/11 with the Marsi to fight against the Samnites, and capture Nuceria.
307/15 Fabius defeats the Samnites at Allifae.
306/4 The Samnites capture Sora and Calatia.
306/16 Marcius defeats the Samnites.
305/12 The Roman consuls defeat the Samnites and capture Bovianum.
305/20 The consuls celebrate a triumph over the Samnites.
304/3 between the Romans and the Samnites: end of the Second Samnite War.
304/3 between the Romans and the Samnites: end of the Second Samnite War.
299/12 The triumph of Fulvius, over the Samnites and Nequinates.
299/13 The Picentes report that the Samnites are about to start a rebellion.
298/2 The Romans declare war on the Samnites.
298/12 Fulvius defeats the Samnites at Bovianum.
298/14 consuls are dominated by the threat from the Etruscans and Samnites.
298/15 The triumph of Fulvius, over the Samnites and Etruscans.
297/10 Fabius defeats the Samnites, while Decius invades Apulia.
297/11 The consuls spend five months laying waste to Samnium.
296/4 suls Decius and Fabius capture Murgantia and other towns in Samnium.
296/5 Volumnius defeat a combined Etruscan and Samnite army in Etruria.
296/6 Volumnius defeats a Samnite army which had invaded Campania, in a bat
296/9 onsuls to take charge of the war against the Etruscans and Samnites.
295/15 ttack on Clusium, while they advance against the Gauls and Samnites.
295/16 Romans defeat the Gauls and Samnites at Sentinum; death of the consu
295/21 The Romans suppress further resistance in Etruria and Samnium.
295/23 The triumph of Fabius, over the Samnites, Etruscans, and Gauls.
294/1 The consuls are given Samnium as their province, but Postumius is kep
294/5 Samnite attack on the camp of the consul Atilius.
294/11 Atilius in Samnium, and the Samnites retreat before their united arm
294/14 ius suffer heavy losses in a battle against the Samnites at Luceria.
294/15 Samnite raiders are defeated at Interamna.
293/1 The triumph of Postumius, over the Samnites and Etruscans.
293/2 The triumph of Atilius, over the Volsones and Samnites.
293/3 The Samnite army gathers at Aquilonia and takes a ritual vow.
293/5 The consuls ravage Samnium.
293/9 Papirius defeats the Samnites at Aquilonia, while Carvilius captures
293/13 ture Velia, Palumbinum, Herculaneum, and Saepinum from the Samnites.
292/1 elebrates a triumph over the Samnites, and dedicates a colossal statu
292/2 The triumph of Papirius, over the Samnites.
292/14 Gurges is defeated by the Samnites, but his father defends him aga
292/16 Fabius defeats the Samnites in a second battle, with the help of his
292/17 ontius is a great leader of the Samnites in their wars against Rome.
292/18 triumph of Fabius over the Samnites, after which C.Pontius is execu
290/7 Curius defeats the Samnites.
290/8 ace between Rome and the Samnites; the end of the Third Samnite War.
290/8 Peace between Rome and the Samnites; the end of the Third Samnite War
290/10 The triumph of Curius, over the Samnites.
281/15 The triumph of Fabricius, over the Samnites, Lucanians, and Bruttii.
281/38 Aemilius leaves Samnium and moves against Tarentum.
280/9 The Samnites join Pyrrhus.
280/16 triumph of Aemilius, over Tarentum and the Samnites and Sallentini.
278/32 Fabricius refuses bribes offered by the Samnites.
278/33 ates a triumph over the Lucanians, Bruttii, Tarentines and Samnites.
277/3 The Samnites defeat the Romans on the Cranita hills.
276/12 The Romans attack the Samnites and Lucanians.
275/1 triumph of Fabius Gurges, over the Samnites, Lucanians, and Bruttii.
275/16 Pyrrhus attempts to raise recruits in Samnium.
275/24 warded a golden crown for his part in the capture of a Samnite town.
274/1 The triumph of Curius, over Pyrrhus and the Samnites.
274/2 The triumph of Lentulus, over the Samnites and Lucanians.
274/20 Samnite envoys unsuccessfully attempt to bribe Curius.
272/1 iumph of Claudius Canina, over the Lucanians, Samnites, and Bruttii.
272/15 The final subjugation of the Samnites by Carvilius.
272/31 lebrate triumphs, over the ? Samnites, Lucanians, Bruttii, and Tarent
269/16 The consuls suppress a Samnite brigand called Lollius, and campaign
215/35 Samnite embassy asks Hannibal to protect them against Roman raids.
201/22 supervise the division of Roman public land in Samnium and Apulia.
180/3 the previous year force 40,000 Ligurians to migrate to Samnium.
90/8 The Samnites under Vettius Scato defeat L.Caesar.
90/12 The Samnites under C.Papius capture Nola, along with Stabiae, Surrent
90/23 L.Caesar defeats the Samnites; the news of this victory is received
90/25 The Samnites capture Aesernia.
89/18 Sulla defeats the Samnites under Cluentius near Nola.
89/20 Sulla invades Samnium and captures Bovianum.
89/22 Cosconius defeats the Samnites under Trebatius near Canusium.
87/23 Metellus fails to agree peace terms with the Samnites.
87/33 Plautius is defeated and killed by the Samnites.
82/24 to Praeneste, and stops an attempt by the Samnites to reach Marius.
82/32 nus marches on Rome with the Samnite army, but is defeated and killed
82/33 Sulla orders the massacre of at least 3,000 Samnite prisoners.

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