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  Salome   - the sister of Herodes, king of Judaea
Wikipedia entry
34/5 Herodes kills Joseph, the husband of Salome.
34/16 Costobarus marries Salome, and is made governor of Idumaea by Herodes
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_2014 husband of his sister Salome, and after he gave her in
Joseph:AJ_14.121 heroras; and a daughter, named Salome. [122] This Antipate
Joseph:BJ_01.181 had a daughter whose name was Salome. Now as he made hims
Joseph:BJ_1.441 to Joseph, his sister Salome's husband, as to one who
Joseph:BJ_1.443 which time his sister Salome took the opportunity also

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