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  Saeculares   (Ludi Saeculares) - games held at Rome, about once every 100 years
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  + Secular
249/20 The Ludi Saeculares are celebrated.
149/41 The Ludi Saeculares are celebrated.
126/12 ing to some, the fourth Ludi Saeculares were celebrated during this
    Within translations:
CIL_6.32323   a lapse of many years the Secular Games would be celebrated
CIL_6.32324   concerning the funding of the Secular Games, concerning which
FastCap_p88   SAECULARES [236] & Ludi Saeculares for the third time:
Phlegon:Fr_40   ZOSIMUS] About the Secular Games See the translation of
Plin:HN_8.160   Circus forming part of the Secular of Claudius Caesar a charioteer
ValMax_2.4.5   relate the beginning of the Secular Games, which is not so

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