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  Sabines   - a tribe in central Italy
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290/11 Curius defeats the Sabines.
290/12 The second triumph of Curius, over the Sabines.
290/15 Sabines are granted Roman citizenship, without the right of suffrage.
268/13 Ariminum and Beneventum, and the Sabines are given voting rights.
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AnthPal_9.349 ae, now Contigliano, is in the Sabine territory. [350] LEO
Athen_10.419 life; and once, when the Sabines sent him a large sum of
CIL_6.40943 es. [He routed the army of the Sabines] and the Etrusc
CIL_11.1826 rated a triumph over the Sabines and Medullini; he led
CIL_11.1827 routed the army of the Sabines and Etruscans; he pre
CIL_1.1836 tin Text Manlia Sabina. In the Sabine territory. Ma
CIL_1.1837 Monteleone in the old Sabine territory; Senarii on
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   rinus on the hill . . . the Sabine name for a spea
Ennius:Ann_* 106-109 * dragged off the maidens of the Sabines at their public gam
Ennius:Ann_112 a double kingship; the Sabines form a new tribe at Rome
Ennius:Ann_487 this is the word used by the Sabines for acuta. [488]
FastTr__A Antemnae, a town of the Sabines Antiates Inhabitants of
FastTr__C nhabitants of Caenina, a Sabine town in Latium Caleni An
FastTr__G by the river Danube Hernici A Sabine tribe in Latium. Iap
FastTr__M habitants of Medullia, a Sabine town in Latium Messapii
FastTr__R the coast of Bruttium Sabines A tribe based in the moun
FastTr_p90 Marcius ... king, & over the Sab]ines and [Veientes ...]
FastTr_p91 maratus (II), king, & over the Sabines ...] [509/8] & P.
FastTr_p92 nsul, & over the Veientes] and Sabines, k.Mai. (1st May)
GranLic_13 head in the territory of the Sabines. And some time befo
Hieron:Chron_1726 Etruscans [or "Gauls and Sabines" - Ar.] and split up the
Hieron:Chron_1930 ernum, in the territory of the Sabines. 173.3 . [1931] [no
Just_38.6 or soothsayers of the Sabines; or exiles from the Corin
Just_43.3 arry with shepherds, the Sabine virgins were seized by for
Polyaen_8.30.1 selves done in the case of the Sabines. The Romans were
Schol:Bob_80 seems to have been born in the Sabine region. While he was

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