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  Rupilius   (P. Rupilius) - Roman consul, 132 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
133/31 P.Rupilius is elected consul, through the influence of Scipio.
132/_ Consuls: P. Popillius C.f. Laenas, P. Rupilius P.f.
132/4 Rupilius punishes Q.Fabius for losing control of Tauromenium.
132/6 Rupilius captures Tauromenium.
132/8 Rupilius captures Enna: end of the slave wars.
131/1 Rupilius restores order in Sicily, and draws up the regulations known
130/17 The death of P.Rupilius, allegedly caused by disappointment at his
    Within translations:
Diod_34.2 bels, until such time as Rupilius the Roman general recove
FastCap_p72 opillius C.f. P.n. Laenas , P. Rupilius P.f. P. n. [131]

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