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  Rhone   - a river in Gaul
Wikipedia entry
218/30 Scipio arrives at the mouth of the Rhone.
218/31 Hannibal crosses the river Rhone.
102/4 fortifies his camp and digs a new channel at the mouth of the Rhone.
    Within translations:
FastTr__A ges A tribe by the river Rhone in Gaul Anagnini Inhabitant
FastTr__S ast of Gaul, between the Rhone and the Alps Sassinates Inh
GranLic_11 Caepio crossed the Rhone and boasted to his soldiers that
Just_43.3 the mouth of the river Rhone; and, charmed with the ple
Polyaen_8.23.3 determined to cross the Rhone in pursuit of him, while
Poseidon_90 near the mouth of the river Rhone. [91] [221.K] & Strab

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