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  Reate   - a town in Latium, Italy
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140/20 CIL_632, a dedication by L.Munius to Hercules at Reate.
76/27 including an earthquake at Reate; the proconsul Silanus and his ent
Obseq_1   A mule gave birth at Reate. A ceremony of supplication was
Obseq_5   three-footed mule was born at Reate. The shrine of Apollo at
Obseq_15   Frusino a bull spoke. At Reate a mule was born with
Obseq_28   At Reate a mule was born with
Obseq_59   At Reate sacred shrines in the town
Plin:HN_8.156   that an ostler in the Reate district was savaged by a
ValMax_1.8.1   P. Vatinius, a magistrate of Reate, when he was returning towards
ValMax_6.8.6   to his country house near Reate to kill him, exchanging his

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