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  Pyrenees   - a mountain range between Spain and Gaul
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218/28 Hannibal crosses the Pyrenees.
208/6 sdrubal retreats towards the Pyrenees after being defeated by Scipio
71/7 Pompeius leaves Spain, and sets up a trophy on the Pyrenees.
    Within translations:
Crinag_9.283 9.283] & { G-P 26 } & O Pyrenees and you deep-valleyed
Crinag_9.419 everywhere. The waters of the Pyrenees & testify it. The
Exsuper_56 ris. He set up a trophy on the Pyrenees and then returned
Just_44.1 by the Ocean Strait and the Pyrenees. It is smaller tha
Sall:Hist_2.82 ecovered Gaul, the Pyrenees, Lacetania, and the Indigetes;

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