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  Pydna   - a city in Macedonia, the site of the defeat of Perseus
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316/1a Cassander besieges Olympias at Pydna.
168/19 Paullus advances to Pydna; Sulpicius Gallus predicts a lunar eclipse,
168/20 Paullus defeats Perseus at the battle of Pydna.
168/28 Official news of the victory at Pydna reaches Rome.
168/31 ithdraws to Cassandreia after receiving news of the battle of Pydna.
168/33 of Calliphanes, an Athenian who was with the Roman army at Pydna.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_239 conquered the Macedonians at Pydna. Perseus fled to Samo
Just_14.6 ndson Hercules, to the city of Pydna. Deidamia, the daugh
Plut:Mor_851 risoners by Philippus at Pydna, Methone, and Olynthus; tha
Polyaen_4.11.3 While Cassander besieged Pydna, a city in Macedonia, in

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