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  Priene   - a city on the coast of Ionia, Asia Minor
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  + Prieneans , Prienian , Prienians
297/17a Hieron, tyrant of Priene, is deposed after ruling for three years.
295/14c Syll_282, a decree of Priene in honour of a religious official from
285/14 OGIS_11 & 12, a decree of Priene in honour of Lysimachus, and a lette
282/26 Lysimachus to Samos, concerning a boundary dispute with Priene.
280/25a OGIS_215, three decrees of Priene in honour of Larichus.
270/14 OGIS_765, a decree of Priene in honour of Sotas, for bravery against
261/4b THI_132, a decree of Priene in honour of the commander of the city's
192/30 gement of Rhodian arbitrators in a dispute between Samos and Priene.
157/7 RC_63, a letter from Orophernes to Priene.
154/8 Ariarathes of Cappadocia attacks Priene.
143/21 cree of the senate concerning a dispute between Magnesia and Priene.
135/1a Roman senate concerning a border dispute between Samos and Priene.
    Within translations:
AntipSid_7.81 bore Pittacus and fair Priene Bias, and Miletus Thales,
Athen_6.271 valour." And Myron of Priene, in the second book of his
Athen_14.657 related also by Myron of Priene, in the second book of his
OGIS_11 (c. 285)   e [for the people of] Priene and since now he has
OGIS_351 (c. 155-154)   sieged the city [of Priene and seized] their proper
Polyaen_1.26.1 rred from this plan by Bias of Priene. Bias told the king
RC_46 (early 2nd cent.)   [the Milesians and] Prieneans [in this manner, as
RC_8 outrageously towards the Prieneans; in , mentioned
Syll_363 (c. 297)   ree of the citizens from Priene, those in the camp
Syll_588 (190-180)   the inhabitants of Priene, the allies of the Mag
Syll_599 (c. 196-192)   itration between the Prienians and the Samians.
Syll_679 (190-140)   eated [the people] of Priene, it is fitting that wh
Syll_688 (135)   e of and against the Prienians concerning the terri
THI_215 (62 A.D.)   sp; Ephesus,   Priene by the mouth of the Maea
THI_41 (297)   the city and territory of Priene . . . → inscr

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