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  Priamus   - king of Troy at the time of the Trojan War
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  + Priam
Aelian:Fr_122 Menelaus to Paris the son of Priam I neither praise nor
Aelian:NA_6.50 granted justice ' ? But Priam will not admit this, since
AnthPal_7.297 chaeans who burnt the house of Priam. * & Mummius, who sac
AnthPal_9.28 emptied all the house of Priam, shall know thence how migh
AnthPal_9.102 and at length the spirit of Priam is avenged on me. *
AnthPal_9.236 ecreed that final sacrifice of Priam slaughtered on the
AntipThes_7.136 { G-P 55 } & On Priam Small am I, the barrow of Priam
Archias_7.140 "His father was Priam, his country Ilium, his name Hect
Athen_13.556 her obeisance. And Priamus, too, had a great many women,
Athen_13.566 goddess!" And even Priamus himself is moved at the
Athen_14.660 Hector, invite & Trojan Priam to the peaceful rite; -
DiogLaert_7.67 like the herdsman is to Priamus' sons." [68] There
Ennius:Ann_15 has - When aged Priamus was laid low beneath the warrin
Euseb]:Chron_57 thousand years. Priamus the king of the Trojans, worn
Euseb]:Chron_63 against the city of Troy, when Priamus governed Phrygia.
Julian:Mis_344 Trojan women praying to Priamus or to any one of his daug
Just_17.3 Helenus, the son of King Priamus, for his eminent services,
Lucill_11.132 a man is not as old as Priam, if he is not half bald and
Lucill_11.136 bugle at once, for even Priam by his tears gained his foe
Lucill_11.140 games with Nestor and Priam, cast me not literally "to
Plut:Agis_9 ssandra, the daughter of Priamus, who died at that place,
Plut:Cleom_9 to her father-in-law, Priamus: Before thy presence, fat
Polyaen_1.Preface & And hurled destruction on Priamus' wall. And others
Polyaen_7.47.1 ation of Aethia, the sister of Priamus. After they had bee

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