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  Praeneste   - a town in Latium, Italy
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  + Praenestine
309/11 Cursor threatens an ally from Praeneste with the lictor's axe.
235/7a CIL_1.560-562, inscriptions on bronze caskets from Praeneste.
192/21 CIL_613, a dedication by L.Flamininus at Praeneste.
82/10 Marius at Sacriportus, and forces him to take refuge in Praeneste.
82/16 from the Capitol and elsewhere in Rome, and keeps it at Praeneste.
82/17 enters Rome, after handing over command at Praeneste to Q.Ofella.
82/24 fortifies the approaches to Praeneste, and stops an attempt by the
82/36 Praeneste is captured and Marius commits suicide: the end of the civi
81/1 Sulla punishes the inhabitants of Praeneste.
81/2 thridates, including a parade of the booty recovered from Praeneste.
81/7 entia, Interamnium, Larinum, Praeneste, Spoletium, Sulmo, and Volater
80/29 has a mosaic floor installed in the temple of Fortuna at Praeneste.
63/52 Catilina's supporters make an abortive attack on Praeneste.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.3 a change to fit the needs of Praenestine Latin. Ma
CIL_* 1.59-62 * Text Pillars or a temple at Praeneste. On stone f
CIL_1.1445 [d] Lucius Decumius. On stone. Praeneste. To Fortuna P
CIL_1.1446 ost. Gig-makers of Praeneste bestowed this as a gif
CIL_1.1450 [c] Cattle-merchants. Found at Praeneste, now lost.
CIL_1.1463 .1463 Treasury at Praeneste. Marcus Ani
CIL_* 1.1469-1473 * L_1 .1469 A work at Praeneste. Gaius Sauf
CIL_1.2235 God of Freedom. Dedications at Praeneste to Fortuna Pr
CIL_1.2439 Orcevius. On a pillar found at Praeneste. Gaius Sauf
CIL_1.573 weasel, with base and handle. Praeneste. Caress me. P
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   which was found near Praeneste, preserves part
Diod_38.14 and would rescue Marius from Praeneste. [15] &   And
Diod_38.15 fifteen thousand men to Praeneste, where he was besieged
Euseb]:Chron_287 which were: & & Tibur, Praeneste, Gabii, Tusculum, Cora,
FGrH_252.A up the consul Marius in Praeneste, killed him as he tried
Plinius:Ep_5.6 places at Tusculum, Tibur and Praeneste. For in addition
Sall:Hist_1.30 who was defeated and fled to Praeneste. This is the Mari

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