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  Plancius   (Cn. Plancius) - Roman aedile, 54 B.C.
69/19 Cn.Plancius serves with A.Torquatus in Africa.
67/17 Plancius, Nasennius, and Flaccus serve under Metellus in Crete and
61/19 Plancius and Sestius serve under Antonius in Macedonia.
58/37 Cn.Plancius, as quaestor in Macedonia, welcomes and protects Cicero.
57/26 Cn.Plancius is elected tribune.
56/57 Cn.Plancius behaves with moderation in his year as tribune.
54/2 icero's speech in defence of Cn.Plancius, against a charge of bribery
45/5 Cic:Fam_4.14-15 & 13.16, letters from Cicero to Plancius and Caesar.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro Cn.Plancio
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_1956 was received with honour by Plancius. [not in Ar.] Pomp
Schol:Bob_152 speech in defence of Cn.Plancius, who was accused of form
Schol:Bob_153 ius, but the quaestor Cn.Plancius supported him with extre

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