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  Picenum   - a region on the east coast of Italy
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  + Piceni , Picentes
299/13 The Picentes report that the Samnites are about to start a rebellion.
269/18 War breaks out between the Picentes and Rome.
268/7 Sempronius defeats the Picentes.
268/10 Sempronius and Claudius both celebrate triumphs, over the Picentes.
217/28 nnibal advances to the Adriatic coast and rests his army in Picenum.
117/10 CIL_661, a milestone from Picenum.
90/27 The Picentes raid Roman territory, and put their prisoners to death.
89/49 The triumph of Pompeius Strabo, over the Picentes of Asculum.
83/8 Cn.Pompeius raises an army in Picenum.
72/30 Spartacus defeats the combined forces of the consuls in Picenum.
49/8 Caesar marches south through Umbria and Picenum.
    Within translations:
Cic:Att_* 7.21-24 * Pompeius must first come to Picenum. No one except myse
Cic:Brut_57 itories of the Gauls and Piceni among the citizens, and
CIL_1.1898 .1898 Building in Picenum. On an old aque
CIL_1.1916 ius. Near Monte Prandone in E. Picenum. Publius Buxu
CIL_1.382 formed by punctured dots. From Picenum. To Vibius Avi
CIL_1.383 ronze tablet found near Firmum Picenum. Lucius Teren
Diod_37.2 ulum, the Lucanians, the Picentes, the people of Nola,
Diod_37.12 atres of Rome. The Picentes, wishing to deprive the Roma
Diod_37.13 the proconsul did to the Picentes: for Servilius spoke
Diod_37.16 released by the Picentes, and in gratitude for the
FastTr__P Pedum, a town in Latium Picentes Inhabitants of Umbria,
FastTr_p107 .n. Strabo, consul, & over the Picentes of Asculum, 6 k.Ja
FastTr_p99 [Sophus, consul], & over the Picentes, [...] [268/7] &
Hieron:Chron_1928 [not in Ar.] The Picentes, Marsi and Paeligni fought a
Plinius:Ep_6.1 the Po and you were in Picenum, I did not miss you so
Sall:Hist_1.48 inion, unless Vettius of Picenum and the clerk Cornelius

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