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  Phocis   - a region in central Greece
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  + Phocian , Phocians
228/11 Antigonus drives the Aetolians out of Thessaly and invades Phocis.
208/15a Syll_552, a letter from king Philippos to Abai in Phocis.
208/15b r_67, a decree of Lilaea in Phocis, in honour of the garrison sent
146/17 Metellus defeats the Arcadians in Phocis.
146/19 oup of soldiers from Patrae are overwhelmed by the Romans in Phocis.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_147   a_E'3322 & & Punishment of the Phocians. [148] & {151 DF}
AnthPal_7.243   Look on this tomb beside the Phocian rock. I am the monu
Athen_6.264   Locrians, nor among the Phocians, to use either maid-serv
Athen_6.272   nst him,) says that Mnason the Phocian had more than a tho
Athen_13.560   who was carried off by some Phocian. And this war also
Athen_13.605   "Phayllus, the tyrant of Phocis, was extremely addicted
Callim:Epigr_60   of Orestes and Pylades (the Phocian). & [The translatio
Demetr:Eloc_299   ng, e.g. `when the Phocian war broke out originally, owing
Diod_38.7   temple at Delphi, the Phocians, in the time of the Sacr
Just_8.1-5 *   the Lacedaemonians and Phocians, when they had conquered
Just_11.3   should be destroyed, the Phocians, Plataeans, Thespians,
Just_16.3   tter was neglected, the Phocians made war upon them; and
Memn_22   position in the territory of Phocis, awaiting Sulla. Sul
Memn_28   the Nicaea which is next to Phocis. They had often foug
Nicand:Al_480   sufficient draught of Phocian hellebore or the gum of
Oros_3.12   had undertaken against the Phocians, who, supported by the
Oros_5.3   and the second in Phocis. The historian Claudius tells
Philoch_34   acle [of Delphi] away from the Phocians. The Athenians wer
Philoch_53   inding them of his help in the Phocian War, is clear from
Plut:Arat_50   castles in Boeotia and Phocis in lofty situations, and
Plut:Mor_840   verthrow and ruin of the Phocians, and the inflamer of war
Plut:Phoc_33   near Pharygae, a town of Phocis, situated at the foot of
Polyaen_1.35.2   as far as the territories of Phocis and Locris. [see als
Polyaen_2.38.1   Elateia, Onomarchus the Phocian ordered all the inhabitan
Polyaen_2.38.2   heir javelins, which the Phocians pretended they were unab
Polyaen_5.16.1   arching his army through Phocis to Thebes, he found the
Polyaen_5.45.1   ilomelus. When the Phocians were attacked by the united
Polyaen_6.18.1   their excavations. [18] The Phocians. When the Phocians
Polyaen_6.18.2   Thessalians had invaded Phocis, the Phocians dug a deep
Polyaen_8.65.1   Plutarch, Mor.246] [65] The Phocian Women. The Phocians
PsCallisth_2.2   garians, made war on the Phocians, sacked the Zacynthians,
Syll_361   (301)   a lion. } The Phokians dedicated this statue to A
Syll_366   (c. 292)   Aetolians and the Phokians who are joined with the
Syll_399   (278/7)   isopon, Dionysides Phokians : Euphreas, Charea
Syll_405   (277)   chyllos, Eteokrates Phokians : Mel..., Antiphilos
Syll_406   (276/5)   s Boeotians: Nikokles, Neon Phokians: . . ., Antiph
Syll_416   (273)   s: Eugeiton, Epikydes Phokians: Nikokles, Nikopolis
Syll_417   (272)   sarchos, Polycharmos Phokians: Dorotheos, Peision
Syll_418   (272-270)   : Kriton, Herakleides Phokians: Dorotheos, Peision
Syll_419   (270)   s: Athambos, Ameinias Phokians: Pyles, Kaphisias Lo
Syll_422   (252/1 or 249/8)   : Phainandros, Permon Phokians: Menexenos Lakedaimo
Syll_444   (c. 247-240)   s: Eupolemos, Lanikos Phokians: Archidamos It was r
Syll_482   (269/8)   os, Konon, Antimachos Phokians: Lampron, Polyxenos
Syll_483   (c. 264/3)   Hippokritos, Eusytos Phokians: [Eudamidas], Bouth
Syll_485   (soon after 235/4)   ander: & Echetimos of Phokis Gelon of Macedonia Hag
Syll_488   (c. 263/2)   : Hagnias, Damarmenos Phokians: Boutheros, Eudami
Syll_492   (c. 263)   hykritos Lakleidas of Phokis, the son of Achnon Arc
Syll_494   (260/59)   ns: Lyson, Zakynthios Phokians: Nikarchos, Timasikr
Syll_498   (260/59)   ns: Lyson, Zakynthios Phokians: Nikarchos, Timasikr
Syll_519   (c. 222/1)   of the Boeotians and Phokians, both for themselves
Syll_704.E   (c. 117) Phocians : Timarchos son of Antiochos
Syll_767   (34/3) Boeotians, Euboeans, Locrians, Phocians and Dorians dedicated
THI_24   (early 2nd cent.)   s was general [of the Phocians], in the third mo
THI_73   (early 3rd century)   gue {koinon} of the Phocians that the temple of Pos
THI_126   (230-210)   ntract to Euboulos of Phocis, the son of Archedamos
THI_163   (c. 247/6) Phocians: Archidamos.

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