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  Philo   (L. Publilius Philo Vulscus) - consular tribune, 400 B.C.
  + Publilius
320/19 Publilius defeats the Samnites.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p36 lius L.f. Voler.n. Philo Vulscus [399] & military tribunes

  Philo 2   (Voler. Publilius Philo) - consular tribune, 399 B.C.
FastCap_p36 Voler. Publilius P.f. Voler.n. Philo [398] & military trib

  Philo 3   (Q. Publilius Philo) - Roman consul four times, 4th century B.C.
320/_ onsuls: L. Papirius Sp.f. Cursor (II), Q. Publilius Q.f. Philo (III)
315/_ Consuls: L. Papirius Sp.f. Cursor (IV), Q. Publilius Q.f. Philo (IV)
    Within translations:
FastCap_p44 ensors: Q. Publilius Q.f. Q.n. Philo , Sp. Postumius . .
FastCap_p46 II , Q. Publilius Q.f. Q.n. Philo III dictator: Cn. Mae
FastTr_p95 ublilius Q.f. Q.n. Philo, consul, & over the Latins, id.Ja

  Philo 4   (L. Veturius Philo) - suffect consul, 220 B.C.
  + Veturius
220/24 The suffect consuls, Veturius and Lutatius, advance as far as the
216/8 L.Veturius is appointed dictator, to hold the elections for new con
210/24 L.Veturius Philo and P.Licinius Crassus are elected censors, but Vetu
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_534 nst the Romans. [534] &   L. Veturius and C. Lutatius.
FastCap_p60 ator: L. Veturius L.f. Post.n. Philo , magister equitum:
FastCap_p62 sors: L. Veturius L.f. Post.n. Philo - died in office ,

  Philo 5   (L. Veturius Philo) - Roman consul, 206 B.C.
206/_ Consuls: Q. Caecilius L.f. Metellus, L. Veturius L.f. Philo
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_57 joint consul with L. Veturius Philo [206 B.C.]. But the
FastCap_p62 [206] & L. Veturius L.f. L.n. Philo , Q. Caecilius L.f.

  Philo 6   (P. Sextilius Philo) - a Roman at Delos, 2nd century B.C.
113/19 CIL_2504, a dedication by P.Sextilius Philo and others at Delos.

  Philo   - in documents
CIL_6.41916 (?) Q. Publilius Philo . . . in his f
CIL_1.2519 hand : Lucius Aurelius Philo, freedman of Lucius, ch
LeonTar_7.463 is Timocleia, this is Philo, this is Aristo, this is
Nicarch_11.331 ortal. [11.331] & Philo had a boat called the "Saviour,"
Simonid_16.3 & Diophon, the son of Philo, was victor at the Isthmian

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