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  Pharos   - an island with a lighthouse, off the shore of Alexandria, Egypt
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  + Pharus
282/39 Construction of the Pharos at Alexandria, designed by Sostratus of
47/8 a attack on the island of Pharos, Caesar is forced to escape from
30/21 ing to some later writers, Cleopatra built the Pharos at Alexandria.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_9.21 & The island of Pharos (what I am about to tell you is
Aelian:NA_9.50 them of what happened at Pharos and of the sea-god Proteus
AnthPal_7.169 old was driven to Pharos by the heavy wrath of Hera; but
AnthPal_9.60 the rock in the sea, am Pharos, & bearing the same name
Aristeas_301 for the northern districts of Pharos. There he assembled
ChronPasc_425 the Hebrew wise men on Pharos, the island of Proteus,
ChronPasc_472 leopatra built the Pharus [lighthouse] at Alexandria the
Diod_33.28b rticularly the features of the Pharos. From there they sai
ExcBarb_36B of Cleopatra, who built the Pharus at Alexandria. From
Hieron:Chron_king phanes" - Ar.] built the Pharus ["a lighthouse of great
Malal_218 atra had constructed the Pharos in Alexandria the great
PsCallisth_1.30 wait for him at the island of Pharos. He himself did obei
PsCallisth_1.32 The natives said: "Pharos, and Proteus dwelt there, where
SelPap_2.212 that name, another at Pharos in Alexandria, and a t
SelPap_2.304 to sail out by way of Pharos ; I beg you to writ
StephByz_70 ose by Egypt, and they call it Pharos & { Homer, Od. 4.354

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