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  Pharmouthi   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
OGIS_168 (115)   nd year, Daisios 3, which is Pharmouthi 3. [E]
OGIS_36 (213)   Hyperberetaios 30, Pharmouthi 7; Timasitheos of
PsCallisth_3.35 the new moon, and he died in Pharmouthi on the fourth
PSI_502 tands. Year 29, Artemisios 23, Pharmouthi 30. From Panakes
SelPap_1.10 In the consulship aforesaid, Pharmouthi ... {Signed
SelPap_1.16 (13)   period of 16 months from Pharmouthi of the current
SelPap_1.163 to give you lasting health. Pharmouthi 6. {Addres
SelPap_1.38 20th day of Panemus or Pharmouthi, through the execu
SelPap_1.62 onth from the current month of Pharmouthi. And I will
SelPap_1.70 Antoninus Augustus Pius, Pharmouthi 27, by a draft of
SelPap_2.225 rcus Aurelius Probus Augustus, Pharmouthi [.]. Ulpius
SelPap_2.249 the 23rd of the month Pharmouthi of the current 6th
SelPap_2.257 Augustus Germanicus Imperator, Pharmouthi 3, at the co
SelPap_2.259 the deified Aelius Antoninus, Pharmouthi 22. Glycon
SelPap_2.307 Caesars Pii Felices Augusti, Pharmouthi 12. {Signed
SelPap_2.308 ourable Flavius Joannes, Pharmouthi 20, 1st indiction
SelPap_2.345 In the consulship aforesaid, Pharmouthi 18. I, Aure
SelPap_2.351 will pay in the month Pharmouthi of the said pre
SelPap_2.380 hmae, and on the 24th of Pharmouthi by the same for po
SelPap_2.404 for the succeeding month of Pharmouthi 896 drachm
SelPap_2.424 Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Pharmouthi 25. {Signed
THI_251 (29)   at cow. Year 1, Pharmouthi 21 of Caesar {Augustus;
THI_258 (c. 264)   t day of the month of Pharmuthi, under His Majesty:
THI_5 Year 11. Daisios 13, which is Pharmouthi 13 {12 Apri
THI_85 (late 3rd century)   n the month of Pharmouthi, when Straton was Thebarc

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