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  Phalaris   - tyrant of Acragas in Sicily, 6th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
3Macc_5 agery worse than that of Phalaris, said that the Jews had
Aelian:Fr_202 nippus plot against the tyrant Phalaris. [203] & {204 DF}
Athen_13.602 inst as plotting against Phalaris, and were tortured in
Demetr:Eloc_292 all inveigh against the tyrant Phalaris and his cruelty.
Diod_33.14 cruelty he far exceeded Phalaris and Apollodorus the tyra
Julian:Caes_311 the Sicilian monster [ Phalaris ]." Next entered an old
Polyaen_5.1.1 field of military glory. [1] Phalaris. The people of Acr
Polyaen_5.1.2 ity of Acragas. Phalaris, when he wished to disarm the

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